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Artificial intelligence as a rival to human intelligence with Jens Oreel

At this year's Thailand startup week,here in Bangkok, Jens Oreel gave an overall and insightful look at the future of Artificial intelligence and how it can rival human intelligence to propel business and industries into the future.

Jens comes from a business, startup background and is  CEO of Octotrip, which brings business travelers the convenience they need.

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So why are people still confused about A.I?

A lot of people still think of A.I as quite an alien topic that will disrupt our jobs, however, it is simply a piece of software that can be applied and integrated into many different avenues. Siri is a great example of A.I but is not a robot.

There are different stages of A.I.: 

Narrow A.I - that is being used right now and is very primitive - Siri is the prime example of this.

General A.I - this is reaching a point where the A.I technology is as important as humans and can basically perform every task that we as humans can. It needs to be able to solve problems and be trained like a human.

Super A.I - From the moment that the technology takes over and becomes a hundred or a million times smarter than us then it is Super A.I.

The narrow A.I that is infiltrated into society right now is the security locks on your car for example or the Siri application. These forms of technology enhance our lives but how can A.I grow to become more advanced forms? We need to incorporate and learn from the supercomputers that have been implemented in China and been at the front-running of this future state of A.I for many years now. The U.S also has its own supercomputer that is in the running for advancing this technology. The advancement of these types of computers will enable us to focus on building better A.I as it has an ability to process data, as a super brain that can process the data faster and turn it into valuable transferable technology.

How we process data is the crucial commodity as we move into the A.I movement?

We need speed and get the tech to think like a human. This is our biggest challenge which is still under a lot of evolvement. If we look at the A.I staircase the biological range is going to be so small in comparison with the Artifical intelligence range. We can agree that the super form of A.I will completely change our world.

The founder of the Singularity University - 'Ray Kurzweil Predicts that by 2045 A.I will be incorporated and merged with biotechnology and nanotechnology. Health will not be a problem for example by then as you will have an app that will take care of your basic health problems.

One of the big problems that have to be transferred which can be problematic is that of human values and emotions that in order to fully integrate A.I with humans they must be able to adopt the whole human condition, not just the power and intricacy of the brain but the emotion and adaptability aspects. This is the challenge that A.I faces.

There need to be regulations, but not over-regulation. Governments want to regulate technology as they see it as a threat or that may not have an understanding of it which in the end kills the innovation process we need in order to facilitate growth.

There needs to be monetary and financial support in the security and development of A.I. Google is starting to create it, however, we are still a long way off in this particular sector.

There is also a generation gap that needs to be catered for, understood and educated. The older generation that is focused heavily on government and political stature has little knowledge of the capabilities and power of A.I in terms of security and revolutionizing industries. As we move into a data-centric world, the necessity of the understanding and implementation of A.I must be acknowledged by all generations in order to allow for this technology to integrate smoothly.

In the coming weeks, with the Techsauce global summit taking place this week, we will be bringing you more in-depth look into a wide variety of Tech sector, including A.I.

For more information on The Techsauce global summit - follow the link below:

Bio of Jens Oreel:

Founding CEO of  OCTOTRIP - 'We reinvent the way you will travel for work through artificial intelligence.' As a startup, we’re fortunate to be connected to the biggest websites in the industry Skyscanner and Uber. We are a business app called Octotrip where you can book your trip and we have gathered all the fine details which mean we know if you want your room close to the elevator or if you prefer aisle seats. The name links to the company’s vision which is being limitless. Our goal is to help customers with everything, from planning to booking to finding local shops. Everything you need is done in one snap.

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