Thai startups can expand to the Philippines: The case study of Nasket | Techsauce

Thai startups can expand to the Philippines: The case study of Nasket

Techsauce recently sat down with Global Innov8ion and Nasket to understand the collaboration between these two companies from opposing markets and understand how their union can help grow startup markets in south-east Asia.

The CEO of Global Innov8tion, Eric McMillan gave insight into what the collaboration with Nasket can do for these emerging markets regarding market progression for the ASEAN community. With Global Innov8ion ‘s long-standing immersion into the Filippino market, their expertise is valuable for Thai startups who are interested in diversifying into other markets which will increase customer progression.

As you are based in the Philippines, can you give us a bit of background into why you created Global Innova8ion and what is the long-term goal of your business?

Global Innova8tion is around 12 years old, and we started it as a call centre to supply customer service to the broader market. The Philipines is a niche market, and with years of experience, we have many data collected that can be used and become valuable to businesses who want to enter this emerging markets.

An example of a Thai company that we met with ‘Nasket’ is a company that provides a service that allows you to order products from groceries to pharmaceutical products via their platform. This is a perfect example of a product that would be great for us to distribute across the Philipines. After a lot of market research, we realised that the Philippine market is slightly different from Thailand as we have a few more urban areas and dialects. We have been speaking together for around two years to negotiate on how we could take it from one market into another, and things are moving quickly which is an exciting development.

What innovative technology have you created for industries that have made a difference in the business world?

Bringing Nasket into the country will be the first technology-driven invention that we will incorporate into the Phillipino market to enhance consumers lives and benefit the retail industry as a whole.

You can order: Grocery, Home services & Food

Our solution also supports: Bill Payments, Video Door Bell & Message Broadcasting

What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs in emerging markets?

We came to Techsauce a year ago, and we found many Tech startups from Thailand that would fit perfectly into the Philippino market.

The key is to find a partner in the country. Find someone in your particular market that can help integrate your product or service into the market. That’s where Global Innova8tion can come in as we are a customer service call centre and have an extensive network of contacts and data that we have collected surrounding the Philippine market. (Eric McMillan)

When someone enters a country, he or she has to make sure he or she has the language set right as each region in the Philipines has so many different styles and cultural norms that other people won’t understand. This is something that we can help and provide as an integrated body.

What has been your most significant business success to date and what has been your biggest failure?

We are an SME company with a good team of people supporting us. We started with 35 agents and grew to over 250 agents which is a huge success for an SME company.

Keeping employees is probably our biggest challenge and can be difficult as people tend to be more transient. As we bring ‘Nasket’ into the Philippine market, we will seek to supply steady labour an employee as ‘Nasket’ and Global Innova8te join forces to provide a service which will help the retail market to progress.

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