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How I met my investors: Yash Kotak, the winner of Techsauce 2017’s Pitching Contest, shares his success story

How does your product work? "Very simple. You upload your product on your social media channel like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Jumper will have information on its integrated d...

Understanding Indonesia's infrastructure before running your businesses there

South East Asia’s biggest economy and large young population – over half of 261 million people are between ages 15 and 54 – put Indonesia on the spot for a lot of investors.  With ...

Chinese Cross-Border ecommerce unicorn Xiaohongshu raised $300M Series D funding led by Alibaba

"Xiao Hong Shu", translated into "Little Red book", is the world's biggest word-of-mouth database and community ecommerce platform. Simply put, this giant startup from China is a c...