Decode the DNA of Indorama Ventures Success: How Indorama Ventures built ฿4 billion market value in 26 years. | Techsauce

Decode the DNA of Indorama Ventures Success: How Indorama Ventures built ฿4 billion market value in 26 years.

Developing a business encounters a range of challenges and problems. What matters more is that how these companies overcome pitfalls and continue to grow and thrive. This time, Techsauce spoke with Mr. Aloke Lohia, CEO of Indorama Ventures Group, on the business lesson from how he started his own business at 1 million baht worth to how he turned his company value up to 4 billion baht in 26 years.

This interview featured a few of the issues facing Indorama Venture during COVID-19 and other disruptions of the supply chain and global warming. Mr. Aloke will give us helpful advice about how he managed to handle these challenges. In turn, his effort helps to drive business development and to deliver its best product and services to meet consumer demands.

Here are some key points.

1.How to cultivate a business and business overview
2.Future business plans and the main focus of business models
3.The secret sauce to success
4.Ways to solve problems, in both normal conditions and COVID-19
5.Opinion on how their petrochemical products affecting the environment and global warming.
6.The perspective of supply chain disruption in 2020 and how to respond to this change
7.Tips to overcome challenges

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