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11 Groundbreaking Stages in Techsauce Global Summit 2024

Take a look at the exciting highlights of Techsauce Global Summit 2024, Southeast Asia's biggest tech conference! The event will be held from August 7-9 2024 at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC). The theme of this year, 'The World of Tomorrow with AI,' following the latest trends in artificial intelligence. Explore five core content zones showcasing groundbreaking innovations that will propel your business forward

Gain valuable business insights from experts who will share their experiences and future outlooks on applying MarTech tools within your organization. Participants will have the opportunity to attend discourse on the concept of AI in MarTech on the final day. But what specific highlights will be featured on which stage? Learn more about the event in this article.

Unlock the future: 11 In-Depth AI for Business Conferences

Techsauce Global Summit 2024 gather all the technological business trends, holding even larger event with 11 conference stages and more than 350 leading speakers in the industry to innovate your experience with The Biggest Tech Conference in Southeast Asia

The specialty of this year's event is its focus on AI for Business as the main theme, making Techsauce Global Summit the ideal platform for entrepreneurs, marketers and tech enthusiasts to gain a comprehensive understanding of AI's impact on business. Aligning perfectly with the summit's slogan ‘The World of Tomorrow With AI’ the event features five core contents: Exploring the practical applications of AI in private sectors, leveraging AI for business growth, the future of work with AI integration and more. Here are some examples of the topics that are covered in each stage.

Digital Transformation

Follow the trends of business transformation to adapt to Digital Transformation along with important digital tech tools. Learn how to leverage essential digital technologies to streamline operations, gain a competitive advantage and propel your business towards sustainable growth in this dynamic era.

Corporate Innovation

Since new businesses constantly emerge, this stage tackles the challenge by providing insightful content focused on Corporate Innovation and Business Transformation. This focus equips entrepreneurs with the tools they need to navigate the Digital Revolution. Through exploring new concepts, new ideas, new strategies, and cutting-edge technology, participants gain the ability to solve challenges and enhance competition.


The core of the financial and investment sector always prioritizes developing technology that enhances customer service and builds trust. FinTech (Financial Technology) has always been important in any industry. This session delves into the adoption of AI within financial services.  Participants will gain valuable insights into how data plays a crucial role in this process and explore the transformative impact of AI on the industry's present and future landscape.

FoodTech Summit

This stage explores the future of food with a focus on FoodTech – innovative technologies transforming every step of the journey, from sourcing raw materials to processing and final delivery to everyone’s table. Restaurateurs and food industry entrepreneurs can gain valuable insights to meet evolving customer demands and gain a competitive edge in this Stage.


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle has consistently remained a trending topic, mirrored only by the surge in healthcare industry growth. This stage delves into the exciting world of HealthTech, showcasing cutting-edge innovations designed to combat and prevent illness.  Explore the latest trends and gain valuable insights to enhance your well-being and discover how HealthTech is shaping the future of healthcare.


This session will discuss climate change issues and seek comprehensive solutions. Discover methods to lessen or prevent the release of toxic gasses, and help us adapt to a changing environment. In addition, you'll gain valuable knowledge and resources to stay informed about the latest climate developments.

Web 3.0

Web3.0, often referred to as the next era of the internet, is being adopted across industries worldwide through Blockchain technology. This innovative system offers a secure and transparent way to manage, collect and process information. The session will also explore how AI is being developed to achieve more human-like capabilities and its potential to automate business processes, driving greater efficiency.

Venture Capital

As for Venture Capital (VC) funding. We'll provide preparation for fundraising, guiding you through the unique considerations and challenges at each stage, from Series A to Series B.  Additionally, gain valuable insights into the current and future landscape of VC investment trends.

Tech Showcase

Experience new innovation at Techsauce Global Summit 2024! Explore more than 200 exhibitions featuring cutting-edge technologies from diverse entrepreneurs.  Get exclusive access to startups of diverse nationalities around the globe, discover groundbreaking tech solutions, and uncover exciting investment opportunities for the year ahead.

Unveiling the Launch of New 'MarTech Stage'

The final day of the event ignites with the debut of the MarTech Stage. Or 'Techsauce MarTech Summit Day' This Stage will be dedicated to the discussion of Business Insight and the application of MarTech for driving business efficiency. Leading industry professionals will take the Stage to discuss the following topics:

  • Transforming with AI Marketing / AI in Marketing

  • CDP: Reshaping Customer Engagement Strategies 

  • Marketing Automation

  • Conversational AI in CRM

  • Creativities 

  • Enterprise Solution 

  • AdTech

This is just a basic introduction to the Main Stage throughout the 3-day Techsauce Global Summit 2024. There's a variety of intriguing stages brimming with diverse content, ensuring there's something for everyone. 

Don't miss the chance to be a part of the biggest Tech Conference in Southeast Asia and take the opportunity to participate in a truly inspiring tech and innovation business event today! Book your ticket now at https://bit.ly/3J38LW7

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