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500 TukTuks II reveals the first 6 investments and strives to support DeepTech as well as other areas

After securing investment from Thai giant corporates for the first close (Central Group, Southeast Group, Saha Pathana Inter-Holding, TC Pharmaceuticals, The Vacharaphol, and Sermsang Power), 500 TukTuks II moves forward to build the most various and the most vibrant portfolio -- and these are the first 6 investments they made:

1. EnerGaia

Awarded Bill & Melinda Gates Grant in 2018 - EnerGaia is a BioTech and DeepTech company that has developed a proprietary algae production system that balances the costs of system installation, maintenance, and operation. Besides the bioreactor system, the company also sells healthy protein-rich products made from Spirulina.

2. DeepSparks

FinTech startup that implements AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology in the credit scoring in the loan approval process by analyzing all sorts of data, enabling the financial institutions and the micro lenders to serve the customers in the underbanked sector, which is considered a huge market opportunity.

3. InstaWash

InstaWash provides a simple way to get your car cleaned anywhere and anytime without any hassle. InstaWash offers a location-based on-demand car detailing premium service that you can easily pin your location, request instantly or schedule a time that fits your needs. Then, the professional detailer will travel to where you are while you can enjoy your day.

4. Kinkao

Kinkao is a B2B online platform that helps companies to serve food to their employees effortlessly, for a meeting, event, or as an employee benefit. Kinkao specializes in large order that satisfy everyone’s tastes. The companies only need to set a budget and dishes on the system and each employee can order the menu they like available from 100+ vendors under the budget.

5. JuiceInnov8

JuiceInnov8 is a DeepTech startup with focus in food biotechnology space. Their proprietary sugar reduction technology is able to make any type of juice healthier and better, allowing juice producers to lower the sugar and amount of calories in their products. The technology platform will enable juice producer to customize range of natural sugar reduction from mildly sweet - less sugar to sugar free - zero calories.

6. Neuron Mobility

Neuron Mobility is a Singapore based mobility solutions platform targeting last-mile transportation in cities through their e-scooter platform (shared e-scooter service). They currently provide services in Bangkok and Chiang Mai and set to launch in Malaysia this month. The scooters are also geofenced to prevent them from being driven outside prescribed areas. Their philosophy is that the future of urban transport is electric, and while they are starting with scooters, they want the company to become a platform for electric transport in the near future.

500 TukTuks was first introduced as 500 Startups’ Thailand-focused seed fund back in July 2015 by two of the most iconic figures in Thailand tech startup scene, Krating Poonpol and Moo Natavudh. After the success of 500 TukTuks I in making a total of 51 Seed and Pre-Series A investments with more than 50% of the portfolio companies successfully raised the follow-on fundings, the partners see that the great opportunity lies not only in Thailand but also in the CLMV area and in less popular industries -- leading to the fresh strategy of their second fund, 500 TukTuks II, to explore further beyond Thailand and beyond traditional e-commerce. As seen in this first batch, they focused more on areas like DeepTech, BioTech, and the use of AI as they believe that these core technologies are the force to move this world and the modern lifestyle forward.

500 TukTuks II will aggressively invest in Thailand and CLMV in this coming year -- please stay tuned to our next move!

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