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Averspace and Frasers Property Singapore Launches Project to Digitalize Leasing Transactions

Singapore – March / 26, 2018

Proptech startup,  Averspace.com is collaborating with real estate giants to push forward the digitalization of casual leasing in retail.

Singapore's GDP is heavily reliant on the Real Estate sector. As it plays such a contributing role it's crucial that it moves forward in building the Smart Nation.

 Frasers Property Singapore, a real estate company which oversees a portfolio of 12 shopping malls in Singapore, has launched a project to digitalise its real estate transactions with Averspace Pte Ltd, a Proptech start-up in Singapore.

These technological advancements have helped to make the industry more efficient and helped businesses save more. This digitalization decreases the use of paper and cuts administrative functions, allowing for resource redeployment to maximize revenue and service levels.

Averspace b2b project has seen a collaboration with RealEstateDoc.co

This union is simplifying commercial retail real estate contract building, streamline payments as well as providing useful analytics for the business.

“We are grateful to be able to work with Frasers Property Singapore to extend our technology for commercial retail real estate applications,” said Mr Ivan Lim, CEO and Founder of Averspace. “It has always been our main focus to simplify real estate transactions for the incumbents of the industry, in Singapore and in the Asia Pacific region and it is a pleasure to be working with strong, forward-looking partners.”

About Averspace and Real Estate Doc

Averspace (Averspace.com) is a real estate technology start up that allows for homeowners and homeseekers to meet, negotiate and transact without the need for middlemen. At its core, Averspace digitalises document management, provides electronic signing of digital documents. You can create and sign digital rental contracts anywhere in the world. The digitally signed rental contracts are then recorded on to the ethereum blockchain – Averspace is the first real estate platform in Singapore to deploy this technology.


Real Estate Doc (RealEstateDoc.co), the B2B arm of Averspace, is a vertically integrated cloud-based document management, digital signing, payments and analytics tool for real estate companies. It streamlines administrative processes, increases work productivity and allows for substantial costs savings for real estate businesses.

For more details on Averspace, visit https://averspace.com & https://realestatedoc.co


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