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Career development platform Jobnisit is revolutionising the recruiting market in Thailand.


The one year old company aims to provide better career opportunities for young talented individuals by matching them to relevant job positions through an industry leading algorithm called NisitMatch. The company is the only online career platform targeted to young professionals in Thailand.

The company’s target demographic is 18 to 30 years, young professioanls, accounting to approximately one third of the whole population in Thailand – 40% annually recruited workforce. Providing a career guidence services for this demographic is vital as research shows that Thailand has the second highest rate of job turnover in the world.

Initially founded by a dynamic team of Chulalongkorn University and Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administrator master degree graduates - realizing that there were not enough opportunities for young people to enter the workplace. They built an innovative online service that would help the young generation to excel and find meaningful careers. Within only a year the company has grown rapidly and has increasingly large volume of daily users. To facilitate the growth they are moving to new larger offices in Thonglor to accommodate the growing team and to incorporate more young professional training and career consulting events.

With the use of innovation and technology, Jobnisit has been able to provide candidates an easier channel for relevant career opportunities to match their skills and interests. Companies recruiting through the platform have been able to reach to more qualified candidates than with traditional channels. New and innovative features of the platform are yet to be implemented by the rest of the recruiting industry.

The company is working together with forward-thinking organisations in Thailand, including multinationals, industry leaders as well as fast-growing startups. Jobs provided cover a variety of industries ranging from nano engineering to consumer marketing. It has always been important for the Jobnisit team to make the website as easy to use as possible so users can easily navigate through the site and get matched for the jobs they wish without getting overwhelmed with irrelevant opportunities.

The innovative algorithm helps to match suitability level of each individual applicant and the job position being listed. The `NisitMatch` algorithm works by users filling up their profile, including skills, education and work experience. The algorithm then calculates and suggests job positions that the user would be most likely be interested. The feature intents to make users life easier and much more convenient as there is no longer need to scroll through endless unrelated jobs which the users have no interest in.

The platform is moreover innovative by presenting Company Pages similar to that of a Facebook profile page, with interactive content, real insights into workplace and company cultures. Research done by the company shows that 79% of the young professionals want to learn more about the employers before applying for careers with them. It has also been difficult for companies to stand our with their brands before without a channel like Jobnisit. The company pages also help companies that may not be as well known such as fresh startups to stand out – in order to even the playing field when trying to attract and recruit the most talented candidates.

Jobnisit also aims to educate young professionals in the area of working life and career development, providing a large pool of quality content online, written by the company’s team of career experts. The articles give advice on how to improve your working life, giving job interview tips as well as advising on productivitty at the workplace. Jobnisit also does hands-on interviews with many of the top companies in Thailand and runs a regular series on the companies cultures at these and insights on what the companies look for when hiring new employees.

“Millenials are going be the future of the workforce in South-East Asia, bringing about innovation and fresh change to companies. Jobnisit is facilitating this trend and helping this generation to achieve their dreams” says Jens Pold, CEO of Jobnisit.

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