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A conceptual Blockchain-based Secure Online Voting System Proposed.

The latest Blockchain implementation and digital services that have emerged is the electronic voting systems for national elections. While blockchain has primarily focused on the banking system, its expansion into the electoral system is most needed (which will happen as we push forward technologically). The Blockchain based system will be reliable, secure and reputable while keeping voting anonymous. Countries such as Estonia and Switzerland have already started to adopt the electronic electoral voting system. In order for people to take blockchain seriously, it needs to gain and keep voters trust by keeping their information anonymous and tightly secured. It has to have heightened security as the chances of cyber attacks or hacking systems becomes easier. Blockchain locks the information in and makes it easier to access the information inside the blockchain which keeps it secure.

 Intelligence Agencies has access to a wide range of network traffic and enough computing power to analyze voting data for a potential alteration. Even with enhanced security, State level attacks are possible in all previously motioned systems. The system we are going to propose in this paper will address all these security concerns by using open source code to develop our e-Voting system, and rely on Blockchain technology to secure votes, and decentralize the system.

“Online voting imposes extremely stringent requirements on the security of every aspect of voting. We believe that the Blockchain technology is the missing link in the architecture of a viable online voting system.”

The system will still follow the same rules and be as simple as the traditional paper. The Blockchain voting system is supported with transparent crypto algorithms. The blockchain is an ordered data structure that contains blocks of transactions. Each block in the chain is linked to the previous block in the chain which locks in the information and makes it secure and easier to digest.

This sort of sophisticated technology is what the voting system needs in order for it to go digital. This will surely revolutionize the way the world votes, irradicates rigged voting, corruption and help create fairer, more dynamic and democratic societies.



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