Dhipaya Insurance Public Company Limited partners with Acrosure to design and develop “Tip Gateway Powered by Acrosure” world’s first “Self-serve Insurance API Gateway” embracing the concept “Insure with Partner” highlighting the open source for high speed connection with Tech Startups, streamlining work process, allowing the Startup business to tailor innovative protection plan relevant to lifestyle of consumers in the Digital Age, unveiling the “Inspiration Chamber (TIP IC)” room designed to feature “Innovative Co-Working Space” fully equipped with modern technologies for the Startups to create innovations.

Dr. Somporn Suebthawilkul, Managing Director Dhipaya Insurance Public Company Limited., disclosed “Today technological changes significantly impact insurance business.  The marketing strategy needs to align with consumer lifestyle, especially in the Age of Digital Transformation in which, evidently, consumer behavior changes at fast pace.  The Company has a clear direction to drive Dhipaya Insurance towards a full-fledged Digital Insurance Company this year. At present, “Startups” play a key role in insurance business in terms of policy selling and service providing associated with insurance.  Having seen these important trends, the Company plans to support Startups to be the emerging channel for customers to access products and services of Dhipaya in the digital format.

Lately, Dhipaya Insurance mandated Acrosure to develop the Insurance API Gateway namely “Tip Gateway Powered by Acrosure” opening the opportunity for technology and startup business group to connect the insurance platform in order to offer insurance to customers immediately from the system. Therefore, customers have easy access to insurance with efficiency, convenience, and speed. Dhipaya Insurance is considered the world’s first Insurance Company to provide Self-Serve Insurance API Gateway ready to support and accommodate works for every Startup wishing to do business with Dhipaya Insurance.

Moreover, Dhipaya Insurance debuts the “Inspiration Chamber (TIP IC)” designed with the concept Innovative Co-Working Space.  The room is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment supporting a broad spectrum of technologies. The Inspiration Chamber is built to open an opportunity for the use of Tech Startup to incubate ideation and develop innovation.  The Company are well-prepared to render supports to Startup in various dimensions such as Business Know-how and Regulatory Requirement Support as the tool to formulate business.

Mr. Kittichai Jirasukhanon, CEO of Acrosure Co., Ltd., said “TIP Gateway, powered by Acrosure is the Insurance API Gateway with the target to allow Startup business and software developers to connect and tailor digital insurance service application by themselves.  The command set is designed for ease of use and high security with necessary tools to detect errors, create reports, and deliver information to customers. All help start insurance business up to speed.

The TIP Gateway, powered by Acrosure is ready to serve as the infrastructure for every Startup engaged in providing insurance service or creating InsurTech business.  Our team will help design innovative insurance schemes to meet demand of each Startup. The TIP Gateway has established cooperation with Thailand’s leading Startups including:

  • BUILK, the Company operating construction business management offering the contractors to buy construction insurance from the Application
  • SHIPPOP, the courier service Company cooperating with Dhipaya Insurance and Acrosure to provide single trip transportation insurance with economical starting premium
  • Tourkrub, the Center of international tour packages providing traveling insurance for customers through Acrosure system
  • Drivemate, the Car Rental Operator coordinating with Dhipaya Insurance and Acrosure to provide auto insurance service for renters.

Cleverse, launched a new channel to purchase products from Dhipaya Insurance through LINE with seamless and easy-to-use experience, using API from Acrosure to instantly issue insurance policy.


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