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Co-founder Pattaraporn Bodhisuwan Regains Eventpop in Strategic Move for Company Advancement

Eventpop, a leading figure in the Thai event industry, embarks on an exciting new journey as co-founder Pattaraporn Bodhisuwan, along with angel investors, reacquires the company from OPN (Previously SYNQA / Omise). The reacquisition, effective as of November 30, 2023, for an undisclosed amount, marks a pivotal moment for Eventpop, setting the stage for accelerated growth and innovation.

Established in 2015 by Pattaraporn Bodhisuwan and his co-founders, Eventpop has been a key player in revolutionizing event technology in Thailand. Following its exploration of e-commerce solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic, Eventpop was acquired by OPN in 2021. Today, with this strategic reacquisition, Eventpop is realigning with its original mission under renewed leadership. His return to the director's chair, backed by his engineering expertise and entrepreneurial flair, signals a renewed commitment to driving Eventpop's innovation in the event technology industry.

The reacquisition has garnered positive reactions from industry stakeholders. "Eventpop has been an integral part of the Thai event industry since 2015 and has been a trusted brand by many iconic events like S2O Music Festival," remarked Kanyaluck Milintachinda, co-founder of S2O Music Festival. The strategic move promises to enrich the experiences of Eventpop’s customers, stakeholders, and employees, offering better event experiences and new direction for growth.

Pattaraporn sees a bright future for Eventpop. With a strong team and leadership, Eventpop is transitioning from a loss last year to a profitable entity. The company has great potential and a large market to support its growth. The vision includes investing in R&D, improving quality, and expanding regionally to increase brand awareness and play a key role in the event industry. With this reacquisition, separating from a corporate group, Eventpop has the flexibility of directions and funding, allowing it to explore new opportunities and drive event innovation even further.

In 2024, leveraging its large loyal customer base, extensive big data intelligence, and deep understanding of its audiences, Eventpop intends to expand beyond events and provide a diverse range of services that cater to day-to-day lifestyles. By utilizing their expertise in event technology and delivering outstanding customer service, Eventpop aims to develop innovative solutions that fulfill people's lifestyle needs.

This strategic move aligns with Eventpop's vision of becoming a comprehensive platform. By expanding the scope and catering to daily lifestyle needs, Eventpop aims to create a seamless and integrated experience for users.

With strong roots and revitalized leadership, Eventpop aims to redefine the boundaries of event technology and services, reinforcing its commitment to being a leader in the Thai event industry.

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