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Kawaii Islands Raises $2.4M In Private Token Sale for Its Upcoming Anime Metaverse

Kawaii Islands, a new GameFi project born out of the strategic partnership between Imba Games Studio and Oraichain, has raised $2.4 million to build a next-generation of NFT-based anime games where all are connected and users can participate in playing or creating content to earn.

Kawaii Islands

Kawaii Islands Alpha game is debuting this September, and players can start joining the fantasy universe of magical animals and plants and readily playing to earn. Community members and players are showing great affection to the recent revelations of the character graphics and game trailer.

Vijay Garg, CEO of MapleBlock, one lead investor, couldn't refuse that too. "Kawaii Islands has a strong design and fun mechanics inherited from its previous well-known game series," he said, "and with the AI-powered verification of on-chain game NFTs, it will surely unlock a deeper layer of gaming experience unlike traditional games."

Besides play-to-earn, Kawaii Islands provides a complete set of attractive features for players to expand their imagination and creativity: farming, crafting, decorating, styling, and social networking. However, the most looking-forward feature is also "create-to-earn", which generates a platform for creators to build their own Web 3.0 economy by contributing their artistic and story-making skills to earn.

"The progress being made in Web 3.0 and the NFT sector with the development of the Metaverse and innovative concepts such as marketplaces within digital worlds, staking or playing to earn, accessing blockchain games on the Internet, are yet to be fully appreciated by millions around the world," said James Wo, CEO of DFG. "We believe that this path we are in is inevitable and will increasingly get stronger with more advances and new generations entering the space."

Along with MapleBlock and DFG, many investors in both crypto and business spaces have massively been attracted by the vision and the transcendent power of "play, connect, create, and earn" that Kawaii Islands is targeting. They are Signum (co-lead investor), Hyperchain, Jsquare, AU21, X21, Kyros, Rikkei Capital, Shin Chan IEO/ICO Alerts, and SkyVision Capital. With their funding, Kawaii Islands will take a step further to connect all other anime games into their making of an anime metaverse.

Join Kawaii Islands community and get ready for that irresistible metaverse!


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