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KBTG launches “Eatable” – a novel platform for food ordering

KASIKORN Business-Technology Group (KBTG) has unveiled the Eatable platform that has been developed to be a fully-functional food ordering platform of the new era, designed for dining in, takeout and delivery. While restaurateurs do not need to download the application or pay fees, and can manage their back-office system online on a real-time basis, diners can browse menus and order food, and make contactless payment in alignment with the cashless society of the ‘New Normal’ era. This innovative platform will be fully rolled out in October and to offer this service to Chinese tourists in Thailand by the end of 2020.

Mr. Ruangroj Poonpol, KBTG Chairman, noted that the restaurant business has worked to adapt to the ‘New Normal’ environment. According to KResearch, market turnover of the restaurant business for 2020 is likely to stand at around 380 billion Baht, down almost 10 percent compared to last year as customers have avoided dining out during the COVID-19 pandemic. Amid the changing consumer behavior, takeout and delivery of food have become more popular among households and office workers. To meet this trend, restaurants today must serve their patrons whether they wish to eat on-premise or off-premise.

KBTG has, therefore, designed and developed the Eatable platform, which is a novel and complete online food ordering service for restaurants and their customers. The Eatable platform aims to meet the needs of customers wishing to dine in at restaurants, pick up food to dine at home, or use a food delivery service. Those wishing to dine in at restaurants can order food by scanning a QR code at their table or opening a link created by the Eatable platform to order food via a contactless menu, which is safer, and there is no need to wait for a server to take their order. Customers from different places who wish to dine together at a restaurant or pick up food to dine at home can also order food through the Eatable platform in advance. They can fix the time to pick up their food, so that they don’t have to wait at the restaurant.  

For customers preferring to use a food delivery service, they can click a link where restaurants have put their menus via all channels, to order food via an online menu. They can then choose from many options for food delivery, either by restaurant staff or the delivery service provider offering the best value for money as selected by the restaurants. The Eatable platform has a handy system that recommends appropriate discounts on food delivery service, which restaurants can use as a basis to offer discounts to customers who place orders directly with them.   

Restaurateurs are free to use their online stores to instantly promote their brands, and create, correct or change information and food prices on the menus or other details of their businesses, with no need to wait for an approval. They can also configure notifications via an online system in order to keep track of food orders and update the order status for their customers in real time.

Eatable is the most comprehensive food ordering platform and is easy to use for both customers and restaurant owners alike, as it does not require users to download an application or purchase additional gadgets. Moreover, in September 2020, Eatable will be linked to an online payment service which will allow its customers to make all their orders and payments through a single channel. This platform will solve the related pain points that all restaurant operators now deal with, and builds on KBank’s policies in rescuing these businesses from the devastating effects of COVID-19. The processes on this platform do not involve collection of shared costs or any other fees. In addition, ‘Kai Tai Dian Cai’ – a mini food ordering program that caters to Chinese tourists – will be unveiled at the end of this year, via WeChat.

Interested restaurant owners can register to join the Eatable public beta program at https://eatable.kasikornbank.com

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