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Official Closure Statement from Tapsey Thailand

Bangkok, the 27th of July 2016 - Tapsey, the Bangkok based on-demand service startup announced today that it was suspending its operations. Launched in January 2016 after incubation within the Inspire Venture labs, the startup connected customers with professionals in a whole variety of services such as housekeeping, car wash, beauty services and many more.


Official Closure Statement from Tapsey Thailand

CEO & Co-Founder Patrick Monaco-Sorge stated that: ‘It has been an incredible 6 months within which we have contributed to the completion of thousands of jobs and solved the problem of a growing base of customers and professionals. Notwithstanding this, after a thorough examination of our trajectory and our competitive realities, we have taken the decision to hold our operations”.

Patrick Monaco-Sorge further stated that “Tapsey is totally focusing on providing support to its current users for the remaining existing jobs currently being executed on the platform. A fully dedicated team shall remain in place for this purpose”.

As a conclusion, Patrick stated that: “It has been a fabulous ride and we have clearly understood a lot on how to make our customers life easier and on how to make our professionals businesses more profitable. Clearly we will be back for more very soon!”

Techsauce's Message

The competition of "On-demand Service Marketplace" in Thailand has been on fire with both local providers and international providers keep coming on stage since the end of 2015. Mapping between demand and supply sounds beautiful but the challenges that the type of service faces include low switching cost and margin.

Tapsey had engaged with Techsauce's community since its beginning from Start it Up Conference 2015 to Techsauce Summit 2016. We are sorry to see this news about Tapsey.


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