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SYNQA ,formerly Omise Holdings, announces acquisition of Eventpop

SYNQA Group announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire a  majority stake of Eventpop, a leading platform provider for event creators in Thailand. By combining their  resources, SYNQA plans to further strengthen its position as a Fintech company that provides excellent customer  experience.

Eventpop brings years of experience in building both software and hardware solutions that offer a seamless  customer experience. SYNQA believes that Eventpop can help SYNQA’s group vision to provide access to  financial products for everyone across the globe, helping SYNQA to reach users in new creative ways. 

Why SYNQA is Excited about this Acquisition

Among the difficulties many companies faced with the pandemic, the event industry was one of the hardest hit  industries. To continue to scale the business during these difficult times, Eventpop expanded into new industries  that would allow them to leverage their existing technologies such as O2O solutions (Online to Offline Solution)  and platform user experience specialization, bringing innovative approaches to new industries.  

Prior to the acquisition, SYNQA and Eventpop had been collaborating in the development of an omnichannel E Commerce platform which focuses on digitizing operational processes and providing a solution where business  users can offer products to customers seamlessly. The product is planned to launch by the end of the year. 

“Our relationship with Eventpop goes way back, when we first started our payment businesses. In the past few  years, we have been partnering with Eventpop, working on projects together. By collaborating in prior projects, we  were able to have a deeper understanding of each other’s strengths. By combining forces, I believe we can grow  to become a stronger company. I am looking forward to our exciting new chapter.” said Jun Hasegawa, founder  and CEO of SYNQA.  

Eventpop’s business as an event platform provider will continue to grow under the SYNQA Group, strengthening  its platform capabilities to prepare as the world slowly returns to normal. A demand for a multifaceted experience  will increase, requiring innovative solutions to provide excellent customer experience. By joining forces, Eventpop  

will further solidify its position as an event platform provider and SYNQA to grow its product ecosystem. According  to Max Pattaraporn Bodhisuwan, founder and CEO of Eventpop:

“We have always been a firm believer in providing the best-in-class technology, intuitive user experience and  superior customer service. We also believe in financial inclusion across the board. Enabling everyone with the  means to access finance and empowering them with intuitive, easy to use products will help the digital landscape  to grow at a much faster pace. Joining with SYNQA will help us to continue to scale not only our event platform  but our vision of providing the best solutions to people all over the world.”  

About SYNQA 

SYNQA is a holding company founded in 2015 with expertise in Asia. SYNQA is the parent company of Omise  and Opn. SYNQA specializes in online payment, blockchain technology for fintech applications, and digital  transformation. SYNQA connects people, businesses and society in innovative ways that spread the wealth of  financial opportunity and provide fair and open access to a growing economic ecosystem. For more information  on SYNQA, visit   

About Eventpop

Eventpop is an end-to-end platform for event organizers and promoters to promote events with marketing and  event management solutions. Eventpop’s mission is to empower event organizers and promoters of all sizes by  providing latest technologies to grow their businesses. Founded in 2015, Eventpop’s platform has supported more  than 10,000 events joined by more than 3,000,000 event attendees. Eventpop also provides virtual run platforms,  virtual event and live streaming platforms to support companies, and governments to continue to thrive during this  global pandemic situation. 

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