Tencent (Thailand) Company Limited, a portal platform and technology solutions provider to respond to all the needs in digital era, introduces WeTV; a video streaming platform available on desktop and application. Its aim is to provide an entertainment source with full of contents from leading original content producers to capture the Thai audience. It also brings in the world refined contents from Tencent Penguin Picture; the market leader content producer in China along with leading local partners; One31 channel, GDH and Insight Technology by introducing local contents as well as a penetration into the Chinese market. By 2019, WeTV eyes on being one of the top three most popular video streaming platforms.

Krittee Manoleehagul, Managing Director of Tencent (Thailand) co.,ltd., says, “Tencent is already well-known to be specialized in entertainment platform creation as you can observe from existing portal content, music streaming platform and games. This year, we would like expand ecosystem further by launching “WeTV” a video streaming platform which consists of quality contents for Thais to enjoy. We see that the popularity of world internet users whom 25 percent of their internet time spent on video streaming. At the same time, Thai people, on average, spend approximately 9 hours surfing on the internet on daily basis with more than 35 percent of those time allocated for video and online TV watching.”

After the first launch earlier this year, WeTV viewers spend more than 84 minutes daily on average. Viewers are mostly women which account for 85 percent of all and most of whom are in the age between 18 to 34. Three most popular contents are;

  1. Romantic comedy series
  2. Period drama series
  3. Action fantasy series

“In fact, Chinese series are not new to Thai people. We are used to them already. Then when people have greater accessibility, it really fuels the interest of Thai people on Chinese series even more. As you can see in previous months, there is a continuous increase of interest and viewing on WeTV from our targeted customers according to average time spent on our platform per individual per day. As a result, we continue to thrive our premium service by providing Thai subtitle to foreign language series and offering more Thai contents. In addition, we also introduced interactive feature for viewers which helps form communities of each series among the audiences as well as the platform itself,” says Krittee.

WeTV platform aims to curate high quality contents for the members by planning to create original contents with local partners which will be broadcasted in WeTV Thailand as well as exporting it for Chinese audiences. It is projected that 2 titles will be created each quarter in 2020.

Apart from a great selection of high-quality contents from Tencent Penguin Picture and original local producers, WeTV also utilizes the success from high quality contents, features that bring about community formation within the audiences and even content showcases that suit preferences of Thai people to facilitate the exclusive events for WeTV.VIP members and potential brands such as fan meeting for the success of series “Put your head on my shoulder” which lead actor and actress also joined the special events with WeTV fans closely.

“With many high-quality contents for our audiences from Tencent Penguin Picture; a leading producer from China and Thai top partners complimented by special events organized for WeTV members which take place all year round, we are confident that within the end of this year, WeTV will become among one of the top three market leaders for video streaming service in Thailand.” said Krittee.



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