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Travee - The new marketplace for people to travel and book unique tours around the world


Travee is a CtoC matching service for travelers and locals who provides unique local get-around plans made by individuals who live in the city. Travee disrupt standard flow of booking tour activity. The aim of this company is to help travelers to explore cities like locals by achieving the concept of “local people ≒ tourism content”.


In recent years, travelers seems to more keen on exploring a city like a local. To suffice the needs, traveling service for individual travelers are increased progressively. Last year, Viator, one of the largest online tours-and-activities booking agencies, has been acquired by TripAdvisor for $200 Million. Furthermore, Airbnb, a website for people to list, find, and rent lodging has also announced their new service of providing local tours to visitors.

Similarly to the previous services mentioned above, Travee aims to be a service of focusing and providing unique local experience and local people of Southeast Asia to individual travelers from around the world.

“After all, it is the local host who make the travelers smile”

TraveeMag is a website filled with interview articles of Travee local hosts and travelers done by the CEO of Travee Inc, Kenichi Ikeda himself. Through these interviews, he realized that :

  • “Travelers care more about ‘who’ is bring them around during the local guide rather than ‘where’ they are going for the sightseeing.”
  • “Travelers are more enthusiast to talk about their experience with the local host compared to what they have visited during their trip.”
  • “Last but not the least, the smile and priceless memories which Travee host (the locals) gave to the travelers.”

The CEO strongly believes that “human is the tourism resources”. Through these interviews which he conducted himself, made him realized that his initiative can take off to a better future.


“Destination → Host Preview → Plan Info → Book”

There are several other similar services in Southeast Asia targeted to individual travelers who have not much difference from Travee aside from the design. It is also familiar that travelers usually see the flow of “Destination → Plan Preview → Host Info → Booking” from any online services related to tourism.

Until recently, Travee was using the same flow like most of the services available out there. However, after a few months of trial and error, the team decided to make a slight change by interchanging the position of “Plan Preview” and “Host Info” to “Host Preview” and “Plan Info”, giving this brand new experience of “Destination → Host Preview → Plan Info → Booking” to our users.

Through this arrangement, travelers may choose their preferable local hosts after choosing their destination and preview the plans suggested by the host of their choice.

To ensure the satisfaction of travelers who will book the service, Ikeda feels that it is necessary to show them the content of Host Preview.


“The Future of Travee”

At the present time, there is still no “unicorn company” in the same market. Competitors of Travee are desperately looking out for interesting ideas and activities.

On the other hand, Travee is looking for more local host with great vitality and hospitality to join the team, as well as and focusing on providing basic trainings to the local hosts.

Through these activities, the team can keep a close track with the local hosts to bring out the best of the service.

In the near future, there is a possibility that Travee might become the next travel-service-specialized “Tinder”


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