Wisesight assures its position as the leading social data analytics company by securing a financial deal in a series B fund raise with support from two giant organizations; Krungsri Finnovate, a prominent local and regional investor in technology and innovation businesses, and TechMatrix Japan, a market leader in IT solutions and CRM systems with a deal of over 7 million USD.

This fund raising is viewed as an accelerator to increase Wisesight's capacity and strengthen the company's ability to grow sustainably. Wisesight, which has over 14 years of expertise and is trusted by over 300 top corporations, is now striving to accommodate market demand by combining the specializations of both partners; Krungsri Finnovate and TechMatrix to innovate and elevate solutions to better serve the rising industry, upgrade Thai tech-startups and increase regional competitiveness.

The collaboration of Krungsri Finnovate and Wisesight is intended to expand the business by leveraging Krungsri's network strength to expand the business and co-develop projects. This will also allow Wisesight to expand and compete more effectively both in the domestic and international markets. Whereas Krungsri can improve its customers' experiences and move forward in a customer-centric direction by developing products and services with the help of data analytics.

In collaboration with TechMatrix, Japan's leading IT solutions provider in CRM, which is now the firm's second largest shareholder, Wisesight is aiming to develop innovations to answer the need of CRM system, merging the two platforms; Wisesight's Engagement Platform and TechMatrix's FastSeries, into an unrivaled solution to serve all business needs, ready to bloom in the ASEAN market.

Mr. Sam Tanskul, Managing Director at Krungsri Finnovate said that, “Every corporation is concerned with the behavior and needs of its customers. It's no surprise that Wisesight, as the leading firm in social data analytics and with capability in developing solutions to analyze massive amounts of online data and turn it into insights meaningful to brands, has attracted a lot of attention from the brands and is now a fast-growing firm. We trust that it will continue to be in a very competitive industry and have more opportunities to grow in the current trend of social media expansion and the e-commerce ecosystems. Krungsri is also developing its products and services on a data-driven basis in order to best serve the expectations of its customers as well as selecting the appropriate and accurate communication and marketing strategies. This investment will help support and strengthen the two companies' partnership in the future. In addition, it also provides access for our corporate and SME customers to further their growth of their e-commerce operations in the efficient ecosystem.   

“We are delighted that we can serve the demands and facilitate the growth of TechMatrix, one of highly regarded customers of Krungsri and MUFG by leveraging our strong network and creating synergy between TechMatrix and Wisesight.” Mr. Sam added.

Mr. Takashi Yuri, President and CEO at TechMatrix said that, “We are very excited to become a major and strategic shareholder of Wisesight, a leading firm in social data analytics, together with Krungsri Finnovate. The strategic business alliance we establish with Wisesight through this investment will bring a great synergy for both companies and deliver a lot of benefits to the customers. This alliance will also accelerate the growth of our FastSeries business in Thailand and other countries in ASEAN.

“As one of the most proven CRM cloud services in Japan, FastSeries is used by a lot of leading companies in Japan, that focus on increasing corporate values by providing better customer experience (CX), because the FastSeries helps the companies understand how their customers feel about their products/services from the Voice of Customers. Wisesight’s Engagement Platform delivers better understanding of the customer insight from the customer’s behaviors in social media. It helps companies provide better CXs, as well as FastSeries does. A lot of leading companies are aware that CXs will be a key success driver for the continuous growth. Wisesight and TechMatrix alliance will provide a total CX solution for such companies.”, Mr. Yuri added.

Mr. Kla Tangsuwan, CEO of Wisesight (Thailand), stated in response to the series B fund raising, “We are pleased that Krungsri Finnovate and TechMatrix have placed their trust in Wisesight's potential. We will continue to innovate in order to better serve our clients. This year, in addition to maintaining our leadership position in social data analytics, we expanded our analysis to a broader and deeper level. This market data enables our clients to develop a marketing strategy that is both faster and more accurate. We are confident that with our strong partners, we can lay a solid foundation for Wisesight to grow as a sustainable tech-startup.” 

About Wisesight

Wisesight (Thailand) is a top-notch social data analytics tools and services provider in Thailand, with the goal of utilizing social data and maximizing its value for better business decisions by using its proprietary end-to-end technologies from collecting data to comprehensive output analysis. To learn more about our services, please visit https://Wisesight.com or email us at [email protected]  

About TechMatrix 

TechMatrix is an IT solutions provider that helps clients transform their business models and increase their competitiveness by implementing cutting-edge IT technology and improving customer satisfaction. TechMatrix has been delivering CRM systems and other IT services in the CRM space since 1996. TechMatrix’s FastSeries is one of the most proven systems in Japan, through its more than 25 years’ experience. TechMatrix is listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange (3762). To learn more about TechMatrix and/or FastSeries, please visit https://www.techmatrix.co.jp/en/ or https://fastseries.jp/en/

About Krungsri Finnovate

Krungsri Finnovate is a Corporate Venture Capital: CVC, under Krungsri Group. Its mission is to assist Fintech and banking technology startups in Thailand and other South East Asian countries in achieving their expected growth. The main activities include investing in new startups and initiating startup incubation programs, as well as strategic and financial partnerships with the support and cooperation of various Krungsri units.

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