Animoca Brands completes Mocaverse NFT mint and sees 3,552 ETH (US$5.5 million) sales volume in first 48 hours | Techsauce

Animoca Brands completes Mocaverse NFT mint and sees 3,552 ETH (US$5.5 million) sales volume in first 48 hours

Animoca Brands, the company advancing digital property rights for gaming and the open metaverse, announces the successful completion of Mocaverse’s MocaMint, an event during which Animoca Brands’ shareholders, employees, investees, partners, and supporters minted a total of 8,888 Mocaverse NFTs.


In the first 48 hours, the sales volume of Mocaverse NFTs reached 3,552 ETH (approximately US$5.5 million). As of the time of writing, the floor price of a Mocaverse NFT on OpenSea is 1.6 ETH.

Mocaverse is an initiative by Animoca Brands that aims to unite the Web3 community to exchange ideas, learn, connect, play games, cultivate a resilient Web3 culture, and build a better future for Web3. The collection comprises 8,888 NFTs of characters called Mocas, each belonging to one of five tribes: Dreamers, Builders, Angels, Connectors, and Neo-Capitalists. Each tribe represents the diverse yet complementary personas of changemakers in Web3.

Ambassadors of the Mocaverse include Jaeson Ma (Dreamer), Brian D. Evans(Connector), Aleksander Larsen (Builder), Sébastien Borget (Builder), WhaleShark (Angel), and Liberty City Ventures (Neo-Capitalist).

As the official PFP NFT collection of Animoca Brands, Mocaverse represents the shared values and ethos of Animoca Brands and of its portfolio companies and partners.

Mocaverse NFT owners will embark on a curated Web3 journey with privileged experiences, including opportunities for learning together (such as expert AMAs and masterclasses with crypto professionals), playing together (via game passes and exclusive in-game assets), building together (through an accelerator program), and doing good together (organizing and contributing to social causes).

Yat Siu, co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands, commented: “We are delighted with this strong start for the Mocaverse, an exciting milestone for Animoca Brands. The interest and support emphasizes the power of community and shared values in Web3. Mocaverse NFTs are not only unique profile pictures, but also a gateway to the ever-growing Animoca Brands Web3 community of individuals, companies, and projects that share our values and vision for the open metaverse. By bringing together like-minded enthusiasts, we want to build a better Web3 industry for everyone.”

Follow Mocaverse’s Twitter and join its Discord server to stay up-to-date with its latest news and developments.

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