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BlockShow Asia by Cointelegraph will Open Window to the Global Blockchain World this month

November 29-30 - BlockShow Asia 2017 powered by Cointelegraph  is to become your window to the Global Blockchain market filled with the best of what the industry has to offer conveniently packed for you in one valuable, entertaining event.

The main goal of BlockShow Asia 2017 is to build the bridge between Asian and Global Markets. The times for Blockchain solutions are tough and our mission is unite the community to set up a full-scale dialogue between the Global and Asian industry players. The event will take place in Singapore, a prime global business hub and country which has taken many steps to implement Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain technology.

What to expect?

BlockShow Asia 2017 is going to bring you new customers, valuable partnerships, latest Blockchain solutions and hottest Sensations from the ecosystem. Thousands of people and companies have already discovered the value of the show with us, and now we are ready to offer you much more.

As an international event, BlockShow attracts plenty of investors, VCs and entrepreneurs from all over the world searching for new projects and business perspectives. Participants enjoy a unique opportunity to grow their companies and attract new clients.

It’s worth noting that BlockShow Asia 2017 won’t be the first event for us - besides from BlockShow Europe, our previous big conference held in Munich, we recently held a whole series of one-day meetups in some major cities of Asia: Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Singapore and New Delhi. Initially, there should have been one more meetup in the middle of Mainland China, but because of recent dramatic changes in Chinese regulations, we had to replace this meetup with a private dinner party.

Those meetups were our very first introduction to the Asian Blockchain ecosystem & community and brought some fantastic results: we were happy to meet and get in touch with more than 1000 attendees, featuring such great Blockchain influencers as Da Hongfei (Founder of NEO, CEO at Onchain), Nicolas Cary (Founder, Atmatrix and Binance. Besides that, we were joined by many regional media outlets, well-recognized Blockchain investors, and of course, numerous bright and innovative Blockchain startups!

BlockShow’s Gems

Of course everything that we are striving to make happen would be a lot more difficult without all the incredible support from the BlockShow’s partners and sponsors. BlockShow is glad to not only be partnering with ACCESS group and Singapore FinTech Association, but also gain support from some big players of the Asian Blockchain scene, such as QTUM ( Achain (its head Cui Meng will open BlockShow Asia 2017 together with Addy Crezee, CEO BlockShow), VeChain, Orioncoin and many others. Each of them will not only provide support to the conference itself but also contribute to our Programme with numerous launches and announcements  brought to the world exclusively from the main stage of BlockShow Asia.

Besides that, the conference guests will get some really special insights on how Blockchain is being utilized in several global industries, such as Finance, Healthcare, Insurance and more. Representatives of regional governments, including Nick Li, Deputy Secretary-General at Shenzhen Internet Finance Association, will get together right at the BlockShow’s main stage to share their vision and actual plans for the future Blockchain developments.

No doubt that some regulations are coming, so our additional goal is to create a dialogue between the community and governments, so that we reach structured and logical regulation rules. This will attract institutional investors to the industry, which means the rise of the market cap to trillions of dollars. Let’s do that together!

This is only achievable with the participation of the brightest experts and practitioners within the global Blockchain scene. Take a look at these incredible speakers who are going to join us in Singapore this November:

- Anson Zeall, Chairman at ACCESS, Co-founder at Coinpip, Member of SFA

- Patrick Dai, Founder of QTUM

- Alexander Ivanov, Founder and CEO of Waves, which has raised $17 mln during the crowdfunding round for his new project

- Cui Meng, Founder at Achain

- Simon Dixon, CEO & Co-founder at BnkToTheFuture

- Feller Sloan, Founder and CEO at Atmatrix

- Patrice Choong, ‎Director of Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Ngee Ann Polytechnic

- Leif-Nissen Lundbæk, CEO of XAIN

- David Moskowitz, Project Head at Indorse

- Ivan Liljeqvist, Blockchain Expert at Ivan On Tech

- Ameer Rosic, Co-founder of Blockgeeks, Entrepreneur and Investor

- Matej Michalko, Founder and CEO at DECENT

This is just a small part of the top BlockShow Asia speakers: over 50 globally recognized top industry names and players informing about the Blockchain and all its future potential.

Another crucial part of BlockShow Asia 2017 is going to be ICOscar, a competition where the most innovative and promising startups will compete for the prize of $20,000 (and counting) and full assistance from our sponsor Waves in holding a successful ICO. While the final round of ICOscar will take place on the second day of BlockShow Asia 2017, it will be preceded by the series of meetups in 4 cities across Asia. Following the results of this Meetup Journey, a short-list of the 6 to 10 most promising Blockchain startups will be selected by crowd votes as ICOscar finalists.

However, ICOscar won’t be the only ICO-focused element of BlockShow Asia. The event team is also partnering with ICO-Hypethon, a unique event-festival created by CryptoFriends, to set up the ICO Dealzone - a unique space in the framework of BlockShow Asia, where every participant and explorer will get the opportunity to meet the most far-reaching projects, witness the ICOs launching one by one in real time, as well as support them by purchasing offered tokens.

Exhibitions & solutions

Check out these incredible numbers again: BlockShow Asia will unveil 1000+ attendees, 50+ speakers, 40+ exhibitors along with many more than 300 startups & companies from across the globe and much more. $200 mln was raised by startups from BlockShow so far and 500+ deals were made at our latest event. Let these figures grow!

The program will be packed with showcases, exhibitions, a competition and truly inspiring environment to launch new products as well as ICO campaigns. The event provides a platform for businesses to reveal their new products, get feedback on their new solutions and share their thoughts in a panel discussion and on the stage. New projects released by major brands on stage during the event which is something to look forward for.

Attendee feedback

Nicolas Cary, President and Co-Founder of Blockchain, expressed his excitement to be a part of BlockShow and participating in our New Delhi meetup:

“I think by working together and telling more people how this [Blockchain] technology is so exciting we can do some really fantastic things together, and we’re really excited to see what future brings”.

Charlie Shrem, Founder of the Bitcoin Foundation, BizDev at Changelly said that BlockShow was a really great and exciting event. He believes BlockShow by Cointelegraph has a clear vision and a clear plan of knowing where they are going with their vision.

During our meetup in Hong Kong, Simon Dixon (CEO & Co-Founder at explained his aspiration to join BlockShow through his belief that Bitcoin, Blockchain, Crypto is going to have the biggest impact in Asia:

“I believe that Bitcoin and Blockchain the most to offer and will be adopted first in Asia. The slogan of BlockShow Asia is “The Window to the Global Blockchain World”. To me that means a world without borders and Blockchain & Bitcoin are designed to have a world without borders.”

If you want to become part of BlockShow Asia and witness the biggest sensations happening in the Blockchain field, contact us and register for the conference at our official website. Go get your tickets at

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