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Digital Health: Innovation and health tech inspiration from the SeedStars world event, Bangkok

During the Seedstars world event in Bangkok last week, TechSauce sat in on the digital health forum where unique and innovative startups displayed, debated and analyzed the future of world health, how to tackle the disease, condense data and create tech that will improve the industry.

The future of healthcare will be driven by "early detection and early intervention. Digital health platforms are the perfect delivery mechanism for such paradigm shifts. It is much more relevant for chronic diseases and can become part of the preventative stages of the health care system. (Nawal Roy, Founder & CEO of

The key startups at the forefront of digital health platforms are:
 Holmusk is building the Next-Generation data analytic platforms for Chronic Diseases (NCDs). It started building end-to-end disease management platforms for pre-diabetic and early diabetics in Feb 2015. And in the last 24 months, it has built a platform, beta tested twice and has launched B2C globally. It is planning to have up to 100,000 users in Singapore itself in the next 3 years.
B2B platforms will be launched with leading global insurance firms in HongKong, Malaysia, and USA. It has extended seamlessly into cardio-vascular and mental health. Holmusk is working with the leading Singaporean Hospital (SingHealth) to analyze national level data in Singapore.
In addition, Holmusk has acquired one of the largest mental health databases ( from Duke University and building a very data-analytic focused CNS platform. It has been granted by Ministry of Health to build intervention tools for Dementia. In essence, this venture is in the early-growth stages with significant building blocks.

“We are excited to be contributing to the healthcare IT space in Singapore,” said Associate Professor David Epstein, Director of Duke-NUS’ Centre for Technology and Development.  “With the decision-making tools that will come from this collaboration, it will be possible for hospitals and doctors to adopt a more patient-centric approach to determining the necessity, extent and timing for particular treatments.”

 Info about Holmusk: the website has loads of details on
Have created a preventive healthcare platform using IoT enabled FDA certified medical devices and AI driven mobile application which measures your health vitals, stores the data in the cloud and provides shareable health report at a very affordable price. In a developing country with a growing population and diversity of health problems, where health professionals are hard to find, CMED is an appropriate solution that is smart, automated, secure and cloud-based.
Our biggest challenge is educating customers about health risks, and how monitoring can drastically reduce health risk and cost.
The startup ecosystem in Bangladesh is still not matured enough to support new startups to scale their business beyond the beginning phase. So far we have raised $200,000 as an investment. Over 67% of the total number of deaths in lower and middle-income countries happen due to non-communicable diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and obesity etc. However, the solution to this grave problem is pretty simple - providing preventive care. Our goal is to reduce death due to non-communicable diseases and provide a means to live a healthy life. With our preventive healthcare platform, we are spreading our services from vibrant urban places too remote rural areas and provide people access to basic healthcare services.
CMED has provided services that have impacted over 10,000 families and saved over 50 lives.
Their motto is “Prevention is better than cure”, and our goal is to save lives and create impact.
CMED sits at a unique position in the market as we provide a lot of features at a very low cost.
CMED does not have any direct competitors, but there are organizations who provide a part of our service. CMED preventive healthcare platform provides ubiquitous access to health data for the users, color-coded instant health status to understand your physical condition & generate health record that can be shared with doctors, friends & family. No one provides what we provide altogether for the price we are selling. Our devices are FDA certified, ensuring accuracy and we have a strong team with two PhD. holders and over 15 years of expertise in healthcare.
Other health tech companies that are worth observing and investing in are: 

Verily lives at the intersection of technology, data science, and healthcare. Their mission is to make the world's health data useful so that people enjoy healthier lives.

Verily is developing tools to collect and organize health data, then creating interventions and platforms that put insights derived from that health data to use for more holistic care management. We have three guiding product design principles: start with the user, simplify care, and lead on security and privacy. for more info.

Accelerating the fight against cancer requires the entire industry to work together. Flatiron products connect community oncologists, academics, hospitals, life science researchers and regulators on a shared technology platform. Together, we can learn from the experience of every patient.
'OncoCloud' is the most comprehensive suite of software and services in community oncology. Using our technology, community clinics are providing better care for patients while remaining efficient, independent and financially successful.
 For more information head over to
 Babylon Health

For the just in case moments: Babylon Health gets instant health advice and recommendations on what to do next - all in less than 60 seconds.

Create your own digital twin: This powerful new approach lets you more accurately and holistically assess your current health and predict your future health like never before.

Babylon was founded with a single purpose: To put an accessible and affordable health service in the hands of every person on earth.

How? By combining the ever-growing computing power of machines, with hand-picked medical experts to create a comprehensive, immediate and personalized health service and making it universally available.

 These dynamic technological health orientated startups are at the forefront to push the industry forward, help the medical industry, enhance patient care and most importantly encourage manageable preventative methods.

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