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8 Thai Digital Associations Joined Forces for "Digital Night 2022," the Biggest Gathering of People in Tech

The biggest networking event of the year for people in the technology industry, called "Digital Night 2022," was held on December 2, 2022, at True Digital Park. It was jointly hosted by 8 associations in Thailand's digital industry: Digital Technology Entrepreneurs (DTE), Thai Startup Association, Thai IoT Association, Thai E-Commerce Association, Thai Programmer Association (TPA), Association of Thai Software Industry (ATSI), Thai Venture Capital Association (TVCA) and Thai Metaverse Association, along with many other sponsors to make this event happen.

Digital Night 2022 achieved its goal of bringing together people in the digital industry from various fields to exchange knowledge, stay up-to-date on industry news, and make business connections. This year, there were more than 500 people from the government, the private sector, and small to large businesses, as well as a lot of investors, who all contributed to making the event a success.

The event featured a discussion and an update on the digital industry's direction from 18 industry experts who shared their experiences, opinions, and solutions in dealing with various issues in four topics: Tech Talent Today and Tomorrow, E-Commerce 2023, Future of Web 3.0 and Trend of Digital Technology 

On the topic of "Tech Talent Today and Tomorrow," five experts in the tech industry include Mr. Casper Sermsuksan - Vice President of Thai Startup Association and Founder of Really Casper., Mr. Pavin Vorapruek - Vice President of Thai IoT Association and consultant of TheEnabler, Mr. Paiboon Panusbordee - President of the Thai Programmers Association and CTO of CodeKit, Mr. Phairot Tonsirianusorn - Executive Director of ATSI Association and CEO of TechCons Biz Co., Ltd. and Mr. Teeraphong Mahatham - Managing Director of Nimble by Krungsri. They talked about the job market in Thailand's digital industry and also gave tips on how to deal with or adapt to behaviors and work cultures that have changed in the present day.

Mr. Phairot talked about the tech job market in Thailand. He said, "The digital industry is growing very quickly, but we don't have enough workers to keep up with this fast growth." Competition amongst businesses for top talent is consequently fierce. To address the issue of looking after current employees, it's important to give them a sense of ownership over the company so they'll feel invested in its success.

Mr. Casper makes some interesting points about upskilling and reskilling, arguing that both young people and corporate executives would benefit from paying more attention to the skills and attitudes of today's youth.

Four members of the associations, including Mr. Parin Songpracha - Vice President of the Thai E-Commerce Association and CEO of Nasket Retail, Mr. Pawoot Pongvitayapanu - Advisor to the Thai E-Commerce Association and CEO of Pay Solutions, Ms. Kulthirat Pakawachkrilers - President of Thai E-Commerce Association and CEO of TeC e-Business Center and Mr. Keurkoon Vongtragullek - Director of DTE Association and CEO of Advocrazy were recognized for their contributions to the topic of E-commerce 2023. They came to give an update on the state of the Thai e-commerce market before and after the COVID-19 outbreak, as well as on the outlook for the market going forward.

Ms. Kulthirat has brought the survey results from the Thai E-Commerce Association to show that the e-commerce market in Thailand is worth up to 800,000 million and is expected to continue growing, as e-commerce has become a crucial part of people's modern way of life or what we call 'life pleasure,' the one form of happiness that most people simply can't do without.

Soon after, on the topic of Future of Web 3.0, joined by Mr. Thanapob Areephak - Deputy Director of the Center for Academic Administration College of Digital Innovation Technology, Rangsit University, Mr. Natee Thepphot - President of Thai Metaverse Association and Founder of Block mountain, Mr. Saranyu Koothanapath - Director of DTE Association and Co-founder of Scalesbot and Mr. Sathapon Patanakuha  - CEO of SmartContract Blockchain Studio, they all talked about Web 3.0's potential and its limitations in Thailand's context.

Presently, many organizations are making strides to transform their own applications from Web 2.0 technology to Web 3.0, with many use cases emerging, particularly in the banking and e-commerce sectors. All four agree that, in order to become familiar with a technology that is already playing a significant role in our lives, we must fully understand the potential benefits of blockchain technology. Since blockchain is the backbone of Web 3.0, we should learn as much as we can about it and become experts in it so that we can maximize its potential for our own benefit.

The event will wrap up with a discussion on the Trend of Digital Technology. Five experts from different fields talk about their experiences and the latest news in their fields. They are Mr. Yuttana Srisawat - President of the Thai Startup Trade Association and CEO of iTax, Mr. Nuttawut Pinthongkam - Vice President of the DTE Association and Group Marketing Director of the Benchachinda Group, Mr. Aeknarin Sirisub - Director of Thai Programmers Association and Line API expert, Mr. Niti Mekmok - President of Thai IoT Association and CEO of SYN HUB Digi-Tech community and Mr. Sam Tanskul - Managing Director of Krungsri Finnovate.

Mr. Sam came to speak about the global venture capital investment situation, which has changed significantly as a result of various venture capitalists or general investors shifting their focus from the original, which may have paid more attention to the top line, focusing on investing money in startups to generate growth without the need to make a large profit. The situation has now been reversed. Investors' attitudes toward investing shift. They choose a safer route by focusing more on the bottom line.

Mr. Nuttawut and Mr. Niti have updated the industry's new technology trends. We are currently working to develop 5G technology in order to fully utilize its performance in a variety of industries. Another technology that will affect our lives in the second quarter of next year is 6G technology, which will change our lifestyle in many ways. It's obviously about smart cities and telecom.

In addition to the four main topics on which all of the speakers have already presented updated information, the digital stage tonight provided numerous entrepreneurs with the opportunity to showcase additional innovative products. Mr. Chawakit Sangcharoon, Solution Delivery Director of X10, invites participants to explore the world of learning using the innovative learning platform Trailhead, a new product from Salesforce.

The online learning platform Trailhead is for people who want to learn digital skills like programming, understanding the Cloud system, managing data, etc. Every course is free, and upon successful completion of each course, a certificate is awarded. It's interesting to note that Trailhead uses gamification to motivate students to learn new skills and achieve their objectives. This is an online platform that is well worth checking out because it is excellent for teaching Thai people how to make the most out of the technology we have.

The smart faucet created by the NLP team through SCG's innovation program "WEDO" is another intriguing invention that was the topic of conversation among all event attendees. It is also a method for resolving issues with communication in places with weak signals. Because the Offline Thai NLP Engine, which runs on a small computer, is used to power the system instead of a cloud or Internet connection. As of right now, the interaction quality is still up to par with Siri or Alexa.

After the event's informational needs were met, the crowd was uplifted by the music of ETC, who brought happiness to the participants through many familiar songs such as นางฟ้า (Nangfa), เธอคือใคร (Thoe Khue Khrai), and สิ่งที่มีชีวิตที่เรียกว่าหัวใจ (Sing Thi Mi Chiwit Thi Riak Wa Huachai), while the artist came down from the stage and sang along with his fans to get closer to each other.

This event is thought to be very rewarding for people in the digital industry from various fields who came to have fun and relax with new friendships made at the event, which has created an opportunity to build business relationships in the future. It's clear from all of this that this year's great networking event for digital people was a huge success. This event ended up being demanded by the participants in an overwhelming manner for the relevant associations and organizations to encourage in promoting the event for digital people like this on an annual basis.

All 8 associations, including the event's major sponsors, who came to present their own innovations, have every reason to be happy with how things turned out. Because the event is so well-executed, it leaves an indelible impression on attendees and serves as a catalyst for the growth of Thailand's digital sector, fulfilling the goals set out for Digital Night 2022.

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