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KBank works with Lu International and Robowealth to launch ‘FinVest’ – a digital investment platform

FinVestKASIKORNBANK (KBank), Lu International and Robowealth Mutual Fund Brokerage Securities Company Limited have forged a strong synergy in launching FinVest .

At Gaysorn Urban Resort, Mr. Kit Wong, (left), CEO of Lu International (Singapore), Mr. Choladet Khemarattana (middle), CEO and co-founder of Robowealth Mutual Fund Brokerage Securities Co., Ltd, and Mr. Patchara Samalapa (right), KBank President, jointly launched FinVest – a digital investment platform under the “Your Wings Your Ways” banner. Investors simply download the app, open an account, and are able to buy mutual funds from leading asset management companies within Thailand and around the world, increasing their investment options and opportunities to earn attractive returns. By early next year, customers will be able to invest via foreign mutual funds. KBank expects to see 120,000 accounts opened, with an investment value of over 14 billion Baht.

Mr. Patchara Samalapa, KBank President, said, “In 2020, Thailands' Total Outstanding Capital Market Value is worth around 44 trillion Baht. Of this amount, investment in mutual funds totals 4.8 trillion Baht, or around 10 percent. Recently, the younger generation has shown increasing interest in mutual funds, preferring to conduct transactions via digital channels and seeking products related to Thai and foreign equity instruments. Moreover, open architecture investment is growing every year. Development of the FinVest digital platform will help enhance investment potential for Thai retail investors, allowing them to directly invest in global mutual funds via FinVest. FinVest marks a cooperative effort towards digital technology development among KBank, which owns digital banking expertise; Lu International – a Singapore-based company under Lufax Holding, an associate of Ping An Group – a large Chinese company with a team of world-class experts well-versed in investment technology; and Robowealth Mutual Fund Brokerage Securities Co., Ltd., an expert in wealth tech, ensuring that the FinVest platform is in alignment with the Thai capital market under the supervision of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Thailand. This cooperation also reinforces KBank’s status as a complete banking service provider, based on a combination of its own digital banking expertise and that of the world’s leading partners and fintech experts, to ensure that KBank is everywhere around you”.  

Mr. Kit Wong, CEO of Lu International (Singapore), said, “Lu International, a subsidiary of Ping An Group, which is the largest financial conglomerate in China, has strengths in investment management and a world-class technology development team. The company foresees that Thailand will become an important market, with the fastest growth in investment and economy of any Southeast Asian country. The cooperation with KBank and Robowealth in developing and offering services under the FinVest platform is intended to meet the needs of investors in the current era who place emphasis on the use of digital technology as a personal investment tool. Lu International is confident that the launch of the FinVest platform in Thailand will help bring its digital-based investment to the forefront in Southeast Asia.” 

Mr. Choladet Khemarattana, CEO and co-founder of Robowealth Mutual Fund Brokerage Securities Company Limited, said, “Although Thailand is fast becoming an aged society, most of its population still lacks any investment plan to save up sufficient money for their retirement. Of Thailand’s 70 million people, fewer than 5 percent have invested either directly in the stock market or through a mutual fund. As people are generally concerned about risks and view investment to be difficult and time consuming, the FinVest platform provides investors with an alternative option for accessing an efficient investment channel.  Investment analytics are presented in a simple and concise format so as to allow investors to select investment products that are the most appropriate for the market conditions at any particular time. The products themselves have been screened by a team of professionals and an executive on the Product Screening Committee. Robowealth offers services ranging from account activation to purchase of investment units and access to a customer service center via the FinVest platform, which will be linked to Robowealth Open API as well as other platforms of the company.” 

‘FinVest’ is a digital investment platform that operates under the motto of, “Your Wings Your Ways”, which grant investors easy access to investment, simply by downloading the FinVest mobile application. Investors will receive content which is easy to understand, precise and helpful in setting investment goals through an impartial lens. Once the account is activated via smartphone, investors have the option of linking their accounts to either Bangkok Bank, Krung Thai Bank, KBank, or Siam Commercial Bank. With an emphasis on variety, interested persons can invest in various mutual funds offered by 15 leading asset management companies in Thailand – accounting for 90 percent of the entire domestic industry – and many more across the globe, directly via FinVest. Every stage of the process is secure, having attained world-class FinTech standards. 

Steps to apply for ‘FinVest’ 

Download the ‘FinVest’ application from iOS App Store, Google Play Store, or Huawei App Gallery: finvest. 

  • New customers: Download the FinVest application and provide your mobile phone number and one-time password (OTP) for instantly using the application, finding information and setting your investment goal. Once that is complete, you must take pictures of your national ID card and yourself for identity authentication and opening a fund account.  

  • Users of odini: Just download the FinVest application and provide your mobile phone number that uses odini, then key in your OTP to instantly use the fund trading service. 

Special launch offer: Once your FinVest app has been downloaded and your fund account has been opened, get 200 Baht credited into your FinVest account (November 17 – December 31, 2020). For additional details about FinVest, please visit  https://bit.ly/3nsvYEm  FinVest Facebook Fan Page: @finvestapp , Line id: @finvest or call Tel. 02-026-6222.


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