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Kubix Gets SEC Nod to Launch ICO Portal Business This Year

KASIKORN Business-Technology Group (KBTG) will step forward into the digital asset business through Kubix Digital Asset Co., Ltd. (Kubix), which has been approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to operate as an ICO portal. Aiming to become the leader in the investment development sphere by providing digital asset-related knowledge to the Thai public, Kubix is going to provide a full-fledged system for digital token offerings in the primary market via blockchain within this year.  


MrRuangroj Poonpol, KBTG Chairman and Kubix Chairman of the Board, said that on September 7, Kubix received SEC approval to operate an ICO portal business, pending business license activation by the Office of the SECThe company is preparing to provide a full-fledged system for digital token offerings in the primary market via blockchain by the end of this year, which will place it at the forefront in the realm of investment development, especially through the provision of digital asset-related knowledge to the Thai public.

Kubix strives to enhance confidence in the digital asset market by converting tangible assets with real-world value into tokens in the digital world. The conversion is intended to create novel investment formats that help businesses gain easier access to funding sources while also offering investors new opportunities that are more extensive than ever before so that their investment closely matches their lifestyles.  

Kubix’s goal is to redefine investment in Thailand and induce Thais to invest more, as the company believes that the ultimate outcome of investment goes beyond monetary gains, into opportunities to design a lifestyle integrating matters of investment so that Thais can invest in new forms of assets and build sustainable returns. For persons interested in mobilizing funds or investing in digital assets, please find more details at www.kubix.co.

Mr. Ruangroj said, “Last year, there was clear and rapid progress of investment in digital assets. KBTG seeks to utilize KBank’s investment knowledge and experience – which recently earned the Bank recognition as the “Best Investment Bank” from FinanceAsia’s Country Awards – and combine it with the financial technology strength of KBTG, pioneer of the blockchain system under the Thailand Blockchain Community Initiative. The company has also forged a partnership with the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) to establish the Thai Digital Asset Platform and work towards realizing this ecosystem.”


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