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Podkesmas Asia Network Brings Indonesian Podcasts to the Global Stage, Collaborating with Spotify

Indonesia's biggest podcast network, Podkesmas Asia Network (PAN), unveils new audio cinema series, a collaboration with popular streaming platform, Spotify. Already a chart-topper in their native country, PAN sets its eyes on the regional market with its new Spotify Original production.


Spotify Original is the streaming giant's recent endeavour in original podcast content, teaming up with local creators in different countries to produce high-quality series. Prior to their first official Spotify production, PAN began streaming its episodes on the platform in 2019 with fans' favourites like Podcast GJLS, Podcast Agak Laen, Podcast Malam Kliwon. The network currently has ten podcasts available on streaming, dominating Spotify's top charts in Indonesia and globally, with over 130 million plays and 2,9 million unique listeners.

PAN's new Spotify Original production, titled "Balada Onggok si Anak Durhaka", comes with a high production value and a comedic storyline imbued with local flavours. Coining the genre as "Blockbuster Fantasy Comedy Audio", PAN seeks to bring cinematic audio experience to avid podcast listeners.

"Our collaboration with Spotify marks PAN's readiness to enter the APAC market," said Roy Simangunsong, PAN's CEO. "Our original content has been well-received by the audience, reigning over 40% global Spotify's Top 10 Episode and Top Podcasts in the last weeks. With the growing demands on quality podcast content in APAC, we are ready to expand, collaborate, and produce more podcasts."

APAC has seen increased consumption of podcasts amidst continued lockdown measures in the region. According to consumer insight company GWI, 66% of people listened to podcasts daily in APAC, with Indonesia having the most listeners in Southeast Asia. On Spotify, podcast listening grows 30% y-o-y, with total hours consumed up to 95%.

"By producing quality content, we want to be a catalyst of this growth," Roy added. "As a growing podcast network, we also continuously look for new podcast talents to develop more productions, for instance through our Podcaster Event programs held in partnership with local radio broadcasts."

About Podkesmas Asia Network:

Started in 2019 as a podcast show by four prominent Indonesian broadcasters - Ananda Omesh, Imam Darto, Surya Insomnia, and Angga Nggok – Podkesmas, then in a year created Podkesmas  Asia Network is now the most listened podcast network in the country with over 2,9 million unique streams monthly and a retention rate up to 80%.

Media Contact:

Benny Zuniar
[email protected]


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