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Why Global events like Web Summit matter for startup success

As it’s the largest tech conference in the world, Web Summit demands our attention as a global platform for innovation, collaborations and for showcasing the latest in Tech.

It has grown considerably in size at a consistent rate due to the organizers diligent intent to gather the top CEOs in the world with highly influential industry speakers accompanied by a host of incredible investors.

This has created the perfect habitat for startups to showcase their products or services in the bid to snag a top investor, offer information on a global scale to potential clients, customers and journalists who can propel their brand into the wider market.

All industries have or will be greatly influenced by Tech, now or in the near future. This is the crucial point as to why these summits are so important. It gives industry leaders, Top CEOs and the wider public an insider scope of what is in store for their given industry and where technology will impact specific areas of their industry and how.

Global Summits help us all prepare and understand what the landscape of the future will entail in terms of technology, grasp the concepts that startups are generating and how they will impact our daily business lives.

The Web Summit, held in Lisbon, Portugal this year, in particular, has gathered intriguing investors such as Goldman Sachs, Tiger, Softbank and Accel Partners to name just a few. This attractive package of diverse investment companies increases the desirability for startups to show their undeniable tech inventions in the hope that their business will get the desired amount of funding possible.

The world's leading new companies like Uber, Airbnb, Spotify and Tesla mixed with the world's largest bluechip companies from Starbucks, Nike, and Toyota to name just a few showcased at this years event which generated a platform for an exchange of information, expertise and discussions on how to develop and attract investors while growing their client/customer base.

With our own summit happening here in Thailand, we take great inspiration from the leaders of Tech summits as it is a gateway to strengthening ecosystems on a national and global front while opening up collaborations that can boost the startup communities between countries and enable them to learn from the leaders of each tech industry.

Startups can pitch their incredible ideas, pitch to panels of experts and push industries forward with their concepts that can revolutionize the way we operate in specific industries.  Gathering industry speakers, Thai tech influencers and global journalists, as well as foreign investors in one room, will certainly create the scene for boosting Thailand 4.0, the Ecosystem and cultivating business relations on a global scale.

We aim to provide tech startups, tech-savvy and interested businesses with our own foundational platform for Thailand's startups to take center stage and grow to their full potential with the help from Thai and foreign investors.

For more information on our upcoming summit please head over to


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