Global impact on innovation By Marc Buckley | Techsauce

Global impact on innovation By Marc Buckley

At Techsauce Global Summit 2023 Marc Buckley Founder of Ecological Economist and Regenerative Futurist Alohas Regenerative Foundation UN WEF has shared other deep meanings of harmonizing between technology and nature. 

The invention of AI make changes many things in our world. Not only time-lapsing and economical. He comes to one question what does a world that works for everyone look like? He explains the way of human using social innovation as many people never realized. 

We always tried to seek for sustainability in utilizing technology. He portrayed a globe to point out the origin of receive image because of advancement of technology, which is different from the past. He believed technology make human progress and solve.

"Steam engine, printing press and computer. Those technologies have substantial shift humanity”, Marc said.

He cited the name of a book “operating manual for spaceship earth” written by R Buckminster Fuller. This book widen Marc’s view for entire humanity, which gave an answer for Marc’s question by playing games. 

As marc conducted a survey this question 75 people. It turned out Only 7 people gave reply similar to Mr. Fuller. Interestingly, if this question is asked in the same day, people will answer differently. He also set a question in many locations to Chat GPT, and the same result came back.

“We domesticated technology or technology domesticated us”, Marc summarized

Human changes through transformation of each age. Innovation accelerate human from steam engine computer printing press. 

Marc said if we don’t have clear vision of our future, we don’t get there. We move through several civilizations, some go extinction in the passage of time. And the same modal made civilization defunct also. We step in digital revolution, which transform the sustainable development goals. 

We reel back to 7 years, human did research sustainable goal. Technology sent impact more than imagined on biology when we harmonized technology and living system. We receive super exponential results.

1+1 rarely = 2

 He finalized humans went past evolution while some creatures died down, humans stayed around and lived longer. He exemplified hierarchy model that would be faded away.

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