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How Ukraine’s Startup Ecosystem works in Challenging Times

Bornyakov,deouty minister & head of the Diia city project and ministry of digital transformation of Ukraine, initialized the process with his talk via video calling. He shared his insight with audiences on the Techsauce Global Summit main stage. 

Although Ukraine now encounters a lot of challenges from war,which is still raging in Ukraine, Technologies instead  are growing "at time of war they fight our country is sword but our shield is cloud machine",Alex said. He said that technology could change national defense. 

In Ukraine they developed innovation in every sector. He told the fact that they understand  the future they belong who innovate. 

At present, the increase of technology companies are growing and bigger than before and they can change powerful force obviously. 

"we have many companies can change powerful force we have 150000 companies tech sector can strength 7.34 billion dollars six percent year foster to year provide fund to launch project 3 year ago inject 8.2 million dollars it becomes larger because investors" 

Alex continued to tell about his current project in Ukraine that got supported by ministries in his country 

"Recently we gather union part initiate fund we face reality of war we companies have emerging start robotics cyber security solution top priority for us application help us bring closer to victory project support minister foreign military operation we become one window for tech companies we call smart watch we can afford we try to fight smart.

Apart from this, Alex didn't neglect the importance of education. He also narrates his educational project.

"For education platform we launched for those any other lawyer collective progress",Alex said. His plan is focused on digital skills and literacy that included more than 100 educational series on the platform, more than 1.5 min Ukrainians have been trained and more than 5k offline digital education hubs. 

He secured education quality we build strong foundation academic road learn more skill get knowledge find the job profession people need apparently we launch project cogeneration who want switch to It professionals from any other. Alex aimed Ukraine would become top 10 innovative countries in Europe due to increase of companies. 

At the end of session, he gave a final talk to audiences that Thailand becomes part of this project to stop a unextinguished war like other countries "Thailand can play significant role to peace and progress. We invite all over the world Thailand shield victory with power of technology in different area", Alex said.

last 2 one receive month 400 application using visualizing tech companies for defense military transformation operation logistics join online receive tax benefit basically 5 tax kind of strong signal  we provide top 10 innovative in europe thailand in collective we invite all over the world victor help total war in different area explore technology 2023

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