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Why you shouldn’t miss Techsauce Culture Summit 2019

Bryan Walker, Managing Director of Ideo once said: “Culture is like the wind. It is invisible; yet its effect can be seen and felt.”

We all know that we need to develop a strong culture to achieve success in the workplace. However, culture development is a concept which its full essence is difficult to grasp and one that mandates people to scrutinize it to unlock its full potential. But fret not, we’re here to help you in doing just that. For the first time ever, we bring you the Techsauce Culture Summit.

What is the Techsauce Culture Summit 2019? 

Techsauce Culture Summit 2019 (TSCS19) is a 2-day event that will hold speakers, panels and workshops centred around building an innovative culture, preparing employees for the future of work and developing people in the time of digital disruption.

This summit will bring together some of the top industry leaders in Thailand to explore and understand how culture can bring about endless benefits to individuals, teams and organisations. This revolutionary experience will create conversations on how culture will run the world, how employers and employees should be prepared for the future of work and how we should transform for the better in this digital age. This summit will be held over 2 days, keynote speeches and panel discussions will be held on 25 November 2019, and sharing workshops will be held on 26 November 2019. Throughout these 2 days, participants will be amongst leaders, entrepreneurs, developers, engineers, founders who not only exist but thrive in what they do. TSCS19 ultimately hopes to inspire a positive change across organisations and drive them towards success and excellence.

Do note that this is not the Techsauce Global Summit! The Techsauce Culture Summit 2019 is a separate summit that will focus on culture, people and the future of the workplace.

Who should come to this event?

HR Professionals, Leaders, Managers, Entrepreneurs, Employers & Employees

6 reasons why you shouldn’t miss the TSCS19

1. The First-Ever Culture Summit Held in Thailand

If you are passing by or in Bangkok, you’re in for a treat! The first-ever culture summit is coming to Bangkok, Thailand! Culture is always adapting to trends and the only constant is change. Being the first culture summit, this will be a great outlet for attendees to gain more access to information on culture and gain a competitive edge in the market. Here is your chance to learn from the very best without having the need to attend culture conferences overseas. Be part of this first-ever summit and be quick to transform your workplace culture for the better.

2. Learn, Get Inspired, Stay Informed

One of the best things about attending any culture conference is the chance to change your perspective and expand your knowledge. No matter which industry you come from, whether or not you work in HR, as a developer, entrepreneur, employer or employee, TSCS19 has something for you! The focus of TSCS19 is to share ideas and be empowered by information on culture that will help you attain effective results. Every session of the conference and workshop will bring a different aspect of Culture Transformation, Employee Engagement and Future of Work to the table.

TSCS19’s agenda explores some cutting edge topics, including:

  • People, Technology and Culture - A Self Leadership Approach
  • How to Create a Workplace People Never Want to Leave
  • Turning Conflict into Creativity

TSCS19 will leave you inspired, informed and full of ideas to make your workplace a better place.

3. Hear from Top-Notch Experts 

What’s better? We have an exciting lineup of notable speakers here to share their professional expertise.

A sneak peek into our speaker lineup:

  • Michelle Duval, CEO & Founder of Fingerprint for Success (F4S)
  • Andrew Bryant, Founder of Self Leadership International
  • Tiwa York, Head Coach of Kaidee
  • Andrew Grant, CEO of Tirian Innovation Solutions
  • Diana Quach, Former Director of Operations, Shopkick
  • Thana Thienachariya, Chief Marketing Officer of Siam Commercial Bank

Our speakers are industry experts from all over the world and they will empower you with the strategies, tips and tricks you need to drive actual improvements in your workplace culture. TSCS19 is sure to leave you with inspiration and innovative ideas on improving culture in your organisation.

4. Fingerprint for Success (F4S)

Fingerprint for Success (F4S) will also be here! F4S is an interactive people analytics platform for people, especially entrepreneurs and investors to benchmark talent and scale up individuals, teams and organisations. Founder of F4S, Michelle Duval spent years coaching, researching and discovering to create F4S, an assessment tool to help people unravel personal insights and discover where they place in relation to people who have succeeded or failed before them. 

F4S brings about several benefits:

  • Helps to culture map your organisation. Identify high potential innovators, intrapreneurs and change-makers.
  • Cultivate entrepreneurial talents through ongoing support and development.
  • Provide quantifiable results on cultural change and focus within your organisation to boards, shareholders and investors.

If you are a sponsor, TSCS19 will give you a chance to join the F4S community and this may be the answer to your success!

5. Exciting Workshops

Purchase a 2-day ticket and attend our insightful workshops taught by some of the best industry mentors in the culture space. The TSCS19 will have dedicated sessions that will help you interact and connect with other gurus. The goal behind this is to inspire attendees to shift perspectives, unlock new ways to drive efficiency and push the boundaries of what a strong culture can do for you and your business. However, our workshops have limited seats available, so hurry up and get your 2-day passes now before it’s too late!

6. Networking Opportunities

At TSCS19, you can expect numerous networking opportunities to help you build a stronger network. There are lunch and dinner breaks, networking breaks and interactive round table sessions in which you can meet knowledgeable professionals, multi-industry experts and like-minded peers. TSCS19 connects people together from various backgrounds and industries who might have the same goals, interests and experiences as you. You never know who you will meet and who knows? You could meet your next customer, business partner, future employee or talent that could bring you value one way or another. There will be a good deal of people who are excited to share what they are working on and learn more about you and what you do. So do remember to bring along your business cards!

Start by joining our various selection of conference sessions and workshops. Don’t miss out on your chance to take home a wealth of knowledge!

Grab your tickets now if you haven’t! 

Venue: S31 Sukhumvit Hotel

Date: 25-26 November 2019

Ticket Prices:

  • 6,000 THB (only for 1 day conference on November 25)
  • 10,000 THB (for 1 day conference on November 25 1 day workshop on November 26)

For more details and purchase your tickets at: www.culturesummit.techsauce.co

We’ll see you at the Techsauce Culture Summit 2019!

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