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European Tech: One of the strongest Ecosystems in the world

Slush has teamed up with Atomico to produce comprehensive, data-driven snapshots of the European technology ecosystem and how it is evolving. European tech is now stronger than ever before with around $19bn invested into tech in the region. Europe has seen more than $3bn invested per quarter and the long-term investment trend reflects the expansion of its tech ecosystem.

Blockchain, deep tech, and AI are the main areas of tech that are best positioned to gain world recognition and place Europe as the leaders.

While working with several data partners and surveying thousands of people, Atomico and Slush provide annual in-depth analysis of the Tech ecosystem of Europe. This enables everyone to gain insight into what is really going on in this strong and technological ecosystem.

Every European city is becoming a tech city with around 160 hubs in Europe. Tech-related events are happening daily across Europe's tech ecosystem.

Clearly, it has been a great year for European tech and the future looks encouraging. The Huge talent pool, ambitious founders, and increasingly sophisticated investors allow Europe to march to its own beat.

It's looking likely that Europe can produce world-class innovation with $100bn companies. There are barriers preventing Europe from scaling to its highest potential and that is regulation. Cooperation between corporations, startups, and regulations are much needed to transform the regulation from a hindrance into a competitive advantage. Gender imbalance remains a notable challenge with only around 9% of CxO positions at a venture - backed European startups held by women. Integrating more females into the tech industry is crucial for progression.

It will take time to develop a diversifying and strong Ecosystem that can take the lead on the global tech scene but it's not out of their reach.

Authored by Tom Wehmeier, Partner and Head of Research at Atomico (@twehmeier), the report allows us to identify numerous insights and trends. Read the full report at to gain a comprehensive look at the European technology.


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