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Bangkok Bank partners with Nest to draw 8 new startups into its Global FinTech Accelerator Program

Bangkok - June 27, 2017: Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited (Bangkok Bank) and its partner Nest, a global innovation platform supporting entrepreneurs, have selected eight of the world’s most promising FinTech (financial technology) startups to join Bangkok Bank InnoHub. The eight “Bluefin” startups were chosen from applications spanning 32 countries across the world.

The selected startups will participate in a comprehensive, uniquely-designed accelerator program and work with Bangkok Bank and Nest throughout a 12-week program before presenting their business plans to Thai and international investors on Demo Day in September 2017 for potential investment and partnerships.

Bangkok Bank President Chartsiri Sophonpanich (pictured above) said the selection marked another milestone for Bangkok Bank InnoHub, the global FinTech accelerator program in Thailand, which reflects the bank’s commitment to fostering the growth of the FinTech startups that will be key drivers of Thailand’s financial services sector and wider economy. The program also affirms the bank’s commitment to pursuing a digital business strategy that uses technology to create and develop products and services that address customer needs. The bank has also built a FinTech team of technology experts to meet the challenges of the new technologies and reinforce its position as an innovation leader. The successful selection of eight world-class FinTech startups from applications coming from 32 countries across the world, in partnership with Nest, an internationally-recognized expert helping corporations and startups innovate together, is a significant milestone.

“InnoHub reinforces Bangkok Bank’s status as a leading regional commercial bank, attracting applicants from Europe, the US, Australia and wider Asia alongside those in ASEAN,” said Mr. Chartsiri. “We are confident Bangkok Bank InnoHub will support the government’s Thailand 4.0 national strategy by helping to add value and strengthen the services sector. We are committed to enhancing Thailand’s ecosystem, paving the way for local FinTech startups   to expand regionally and internationally, and for world-class FinTech startups to build networks and partnerships with the FinTech community in Thailand and throughout ASEAN.”

In today’s business, it is not the big fish that eats the small fish, but rather the fast fish that eats the slow fish. Bangkok Bank InnoHub needs to discover the ‘Bluefins’, the super-fish that are courageous, persistent and agile.

Mr. Lawrence Morgan, Chief Executive Officer of Nest, which has successfully created FinTech programs for several international corporations, said: “Bangkok Bank InnoHub, by accepting applications from around the world, is different from other Thai startup programs that are open only to local entrepreneurs. InnoHub’s comprehensive design draws on world-class innovation and expertise, including dedicated mentors from among Thai and international financial experts, to help shape the startups’ strategies and guide emerging entrepreneurs towards their business goals.”

Starting June 26, the eight selected startups will work with senior executives of Bangkok Bank and its dynamic and experienced business partners. The startups will also benefit from Nest’s experience in successfully organizing similar programs for multinational organizations. Demo Day is scheduled for late September when the eight startups will present their plans to Thai and international investors, particularly those in ASEAN. These potential investors include Bangkok Bank and its subsidiary Bualuang Ventures, a venture capital firm focusing on small and medium-sized enterprises including startups. The day will mark another step towards fundraising and partnership opportunities.

Dr. Panukorn Chantaraprapab, Vice President of Business Investment at Bangkok Bank, said the eight startups comprise:

  • Three startups from Singapore focused on wealth-management services – Bambu, Bento, and Canopy
  • Covr Security (Sweden), which provides innovative mobile security services
  • Everex (Thailand), which offers blockchain based financial services
  • First Circle (Philippines), which focuses on SME lending services
  • Invoice Interchange (Singapore), which offers a P2P invoice trading marketplace
  • FundRadars (Thailand), which provides an application for mutual fund investors

"In today’s business, it is not the big fish that eats the small fish, but rather the fast fish that eats the slow fish,” said Dr. Panukorn. “Bangkok Bank InnoHub therefore needs to discover the ‘Bluefins’, the super-fish that are courageous, persistent and agile. We have succeeded in identifying eight startups with great potential for fast growth. The heart of InnoHub lies in providing opportunities for the startups to continue innovating and achieve sustainable growth, helping them meet and overcome their business challenges,” said Dr. Panukorn.


For additional information on the program, please visit and Social Media: Facebook, IG, YouTube, & Twitter - Bangkok Bank InnoHub


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