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HUBBA Stadium: Startup Battle ‘Fin Travel Edition’ Supported by Bangkok Bank

There has been a good response since the first two editions.  Now HUBBA Stadium is back with ‘Fin Travel Edition’, an event which brings together a team of business planners, designers and developers who will work together over two days and three nights to create startups focused on the goal of improving the efficiency of the travel industry through the utilization of financial technologies. We are able to organize this event with the support of Bangkok Bank, the official sponsor of this edition.

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What is HUBBA Stadium : Startup Battle ?

            This event offers an opportunity to business planners, developers and designers to work together to share ideas and to collaborate on building a startup in a simulated situation.  Over three days and two nights attendees will face the challenges of planning a business and learn about how to persevere through the ups and downs of planning a business.  At the start of the event attendees who wish to share a startup concept will have the opportunity to pitch their idea; attendees will then have a chance to vote for the idea which resonates with them and to form a team with other like minded participants.  Teams will work to create a startup with the help of experienced mentors who will work with each team individually.  Additional workshops and activities will help develop knowledge of how startups are built and will keep participants engaged and interested throughout the event.  On the final day each team will pitch their product and share the ideas they have developed.  Our experts will offer suggestions about how these projects can continue to grow.

What will attendees get from HUBBA Stadium?

  • Intense and exclusive advice from skilled mentors with experience in the travel industry.
  • For those who already have a product concept in mind, this is a chance to focus and clarify their ideas.
  • The opportunity to meet diverse people including business designers and developers, potential teammates to work with in building your startup.
  • Workshop from a skilled speaker who will pass on knowledge and build confidence as participants progress with their startups.
  • Fun activities which can lead to new friendships
  • Prizes and a chance to work with Bangkok Bank

Why Fin Travel Edition?

            Travel is a major industry which continues to grow each year with an increasing number of tourists visiting Thailand.  There is a clear demand for technologies which can offer tourists increased financial convenience to make their vacations easier and more pleasant than ever before.

Therefore HUBBA and Bangkok Bank are proud to be working together to present the event HUBBA Stadium: Startup Battle ‘Fin Travel Edition’ supported by Bangkok Bank. As we combine Fintech and Traveltech to move forward in the pioneering field of travel focused financial technology we continue in our mission to support travel entrepreneurs in Thailand and to build tech startups which efficiently support the industry.


Let’s join forces and work together from 30 September - 2 October 2016 at Yim Hostel to creatively build new and exciting projects.


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