The established brand Uber is planning to move forward with two investment groups with a third offer on the table that could help lock in a substantial profit which comes at a time when the company's future is unclear. The final decision on who will gain the upper hand at the company will be decided in due course.

The main investment interests come from SoftBank, the Japanese conglomerate and are considering an offer from Shervin Pishevar to buy Uber shares from an existing investor. A coalition led by the Dragoneer Investment Group has been voted as another suiter in buying existing stocks for Uber's shareholders.

As it stands there is no official Chief executive of Uber, with internal fighting on the board and with current investors. Travis Kalanick, Uber’s co-founder and chief executive, stepped down in June under pressure from investors. Since then, various factions of investors, board members, and Mr. Kalanick have all battled to advance their own interests at the company.

As it stands Uber is one of the most highly valued start-ups in the world and stands at $68.5 billion, therefore it is concerning if a share sale ends up negatively affecting Uber's valuation and could lower the value of the company.

In order to keep the security of the company intact, they are currently selling to current shareholders rather than opening the company up to outside investors.

Even in this tumultuous time, Uber is still a desirable company which is largely funded by venture capital and private equity firms and is still considered the world's largest ride-hailing service which is continuing to grow rapidly.

Uber itself does not need new money; the company has raised more than $10 billion in debt and equity and has some $5 billion in the bank.

However, due to the disagreeing board, it is time for a new structure. Shervin Pishevar, as one of the early investor in Uber, is asking for 75 percent of the shares which are currently held by Benchmark. As of late, the relationship with Benchmark has deteriorated and changed the dynamics. A reshuffle of investors will help Uber to progress and stay a stable commodity.

The firm Dragoneer, which includes the private equity firm General Atlantic has emerged with a deal that will protect Uber's costing.  The board have voted to push the Dragoneer deal forward and hope to seal this investment quickly to stabilize the internal board.

The board have voted to push the Dragoneer deal forward and hope to seal this investment quickly to stabilize the internal board.


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