Fablysa, in Collaboration with Techsauce X Ziliun, Present the Inspirational SEA 8

International Women’s Day is dedicated to all the wonderful women in our lives. They are all our cheerleaders, our shoulder to cry on, our pillars of strength, our listeners, our counsellers, and so much more. To us, they are our mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, and dear friends. There is no doubt, no shortage of those stories floating around at the moment. In an industry that is usually seen as dominated by men, it is pretty rare to find influential women in this digital world. The industry demands that we constantly innovate in this fast-paced world. These women are young, passionate, empowered and visionary. In conjunction with this special occasion, Fablysa, in collaboration with Ziliun and Techsauce is honoured and excited to bring to you our SEA 8 who are game changers, getting themselves out there and inspiring others in the Southeast Asia region and beyond.

1. Alyssa Maharani

Source: Alyssa Maharani/Instagram

Currently working at Google as the Launchpad Accelerator startup success manager, and APAC regional operations lead for AdWords Search ads. She’s got passion about developing startups and has an Instagram account that will inspire you to travel and taste all the good coffee around the world!

2. Apinana Srikarnchana

Source: Apinana Srikarnchana/Instagram

As one of the co-founders of U Drink I Drive — Thailand’s very first service to make sure people get home safely, which tackles the national problem of drunk-driving accidents.

3. Dorothy Yiu

Dorothy Yiu

Co-founder and the COO of EngageRocket, a Singapore-based startup, an employee feedback and analytics software-as-a-service that enables companies to run pulse surveys throughout the employee lifecycle.

4. Geraldine Oetama 

Geraldine Oetama

Geraldine Oetama is the executive director of Skystar Ventures and now Skystar Capital’s partner.

5. Nicole Yap

Nicole Yap

Nicole Yap is a consultant, an entrepreneur, a runner, a foodie and an optimist, in pursuit of a dream to pursue her goals by accelerating Indonesia’s startup ecosystem.

6. Prinda Pracharktam

Source: Prinda Pracharktam

Prinda Pracharktam is the co-founder and currently the CEO of Glazziq, an innovative one-stop service for eyewear based in Bangkok. It is one of the first platforms in Thailand to sell high quality glasses online at an affordable price. She holds an MBA from Kellog School of Management in the USA.

7. Putri Indahsari Tanjung

Source: Putri Indahsari Tanjung/Instagram

CEO of Creativepreneur Event Creator. At a young age, she is well known for her strong leadership & entrepreneurship. Fast forward to today, Putri Indahsari Tanjung, with Creativepreneur, wants to inspire people from all ages to connect and become creative entrepreneurs themselves.

8. Putri Izzati

Putri Izzati

The Founder of Simona Ventures, Putri Izzati is a writer and women empowerment advocate, Putri Izzati is known to help first-time entrepreneurs build their ventures and growing the digital ecosystem. She’s here to advance the women and to help close the gender gap issue.

This article was originally published on Fablysa.com


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