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SPACE-F Launches Batch 5 of Global FoodTech Accelerator and Incubator to Drive Innovation to Address Food Industry Challenges

SPACE-F, the first global food-tech startup incubator and accelerator program in Thailand, has launched Batch 5 of the program that aims to foster innovative solutions to address current and future food industry challenges.

The National Innovation Agency (Public Organization) (NIA), Thai Union Group PCL, Mahidol University, Thai Beverage PCL, LOTTE Fine Chemical, and Nestlé (Thai) Ltd. are key collaborators in SPACE-F, which provides participating startups with expert mentorship, access to valuable networks, and funding opportunities. Additionally, startups benefit from the state-of-the-art facilities and resources at Mahidol University, and potential collaboration with Thai Union Group, a global seafood leader, to bring their products to market.

This year, SPACE-F welcomes 20 startups into its 5th cohort, with 10 in the Incubator program and 10 in the Accelerator program. These startups, selected for their innovative potential, will work on projects ranging from sustainable packaging to advanced food preservation techniques.

Dr. Krithpaka Boonfueng, Director of NIA, stated at the launch event:

"The SPACE-F project has promoted and supported both incubation and knowledge transfer for developing innovative businesses in collaboration with leading educational institutions and private sectors like Thai Union Group PCL and Mahidol University. We also provide funding through open innovation projects for prototype development and create platforms that attract startups developing food technology and innovation with a well-prepared ecosystem and expertise. The program aims to propel startups to grow and succeed quickly, creating a significant impact on the industry. This year marks the 5th year of the program, and we have startups from six countries participating including Thailand, the U.S., Singapore, China, India and Israel.

To reinforce Thailand's position as the "Kitchen of the World," SPACE-F aims to help FoodTech startups grow and expand in the ASEAN region, which has a market of over 650 million consumers and is valued at over USD 1,900 billion. The success of past projects has demonstrated the investment and infrastructure that can make Thailand a base for the FoodTech industry.

Our platform has fully supported participating startups, growing their business which in turn creates social value. With the vision and cooperation of the public and private sectors like Mahidol University, Thai Union Group, Thai Beverage, LOTTE Fine Chemical and Nestlé (Thai), we believe that Thailand will become a leader in the global food technology and innovation industry. We will contribute to fostering entrepreneurship through innovation, focusing on developing innovations that align with new industry trends, and transforming creative ideas into successful products or businesses on a global scale."

Assoc. Prof. Yodchanan Wongsawat, Director of the Institute of Technology and Innovation Management (iNT) at Mahidol University, added, 

"We believe in the technology that will help drive the businesses participating in SPACE-F Batch 5 to expand further into international markets. This is something that Mahidol University can support, by providing startups with full access to our facilities and resources, including our faculty members who graduated from renowned universities worldwide, as well as our students."

Assoc. Prof. Pasit Pakawatpanurut, Deputy Dean for Research and Innovation at Mahidol University further commented

“Behind the success of many startups' innovations, continuous research and development are essential to ensure their continued success in the future. The Faculty of Science, Mahidol University, in addition to being the long-standing home of the SPACE-F project, is pleased to be a part of the ecosystem that promotes the growth and competitiveness of Food-Tech Startups in creating innovations to advance Thai kitchens to the global stage. We as faculty and staff are ready to provide advice and support to startups in the program with in-depth scientific and technological knowledge, to help startups find solutions that meet the needs of the global food industry market.”

10 FoodTech Startups Participating in the Incubator Program

  1. Full Circle: Offers Packaging as a Service to reduce single-use packaging waste.
  2. Another Food: Developing sustainable coffee from plant cell culture.
  3. Cantrak: Provides software for the agrifood industry to track and reduce emissions, enhancing trades.
  4. Nanozeree: Experts in targeted-robotic encapsulation technology.
  5. Anuvi Food Sciences: Utilizes biomass fermentation to produce food ingredients.
  6. Algrow Biosciences: Creates zero-waste, higher quality ingredients from algae-based biorefinery.
  7. 21 Flavour: Offers attractive and palatable solutions for beloved pets.
  8. Beijing BangyaBangya Technology: Produces the world's first peanut sprout beverage.
  9. Niyog Global: Creates accessible, sustainable and functional animal-free dairy from coconut.
  10. KronoLife: Affiliated with Thailand's NSTDA, develops advanced anti-aging nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals that target senescent cells, promoting healthier aging and improved skin quality with products like ZenoBlazt and ZenoGenez.

10 FoodTech Startups Participating in the Accelerator Program

  1. SEATOBAG: The world's first microbiome-based aquaculture solution, enhancing food security and sustainable production.
  2. N&E Innovations: A natural alternative, creating the world's first antimicrobial synthesized disinfectant and food packaging from food waste.
  3. The Crop Project: Developing seaweed-based seasoning formulations to reduce sodium content in finished food products.
  4. Biodefense (led by BioShield): Revolutionizing food preservation with innovative solutions.
  5. UniFAHS: Combating antimicrobial resistance (AMR) with PhagePrompt™ phage solutions applied throughout the food production process.
  6. Prefer: Utilizing fermentation technology to transform bread, soy and barley into coffee flavors.
  7. Fattastic Technologies: Developing plant-based fats from vegetable oils using their innovative platform.
  8. MUI Robotics: Designing a platform specifically for the food industry, enhancing quality control, flavor analysis and food safety.
  9. Aquivio: Provides an unique and powerful customization feature, allowing each user to create the perfect beverage tailored to their individual taste and lifestyle goals.
  10. Ingrediome: Applying photosynthetic precision fermentation to produce nature-identical animal proteins, recreating meat and seafood products with a focus on culinary function.

For more information about the SPACE-F project, please visit

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