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Trends that can’t be missed on Thailand Tech Startup Ecosystem Report 20181 min read

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Posted date February 5, 2019

Thailand Tech Startup Ecosystem Report 2018 is now out with the trends of 2018 with special analysis and insight from the Techsauce team and contributors of the ecosystem for the first time. 

Thailand Tech Startup Ecosystem Report 2018

TS Startup Report Master - Edit for publish 15Feb19

After finishing off 2018, Techsauce has summarized the leading trends in Thailand’s ecosystem in the Thailand Tech Startup Ecosystem 2018. 

This report is part of the publications Techsauce releases every 6 months.  However this latest report not only summarizes the latest trends in 2018, but for the first time, includes analysis and thoughts from the Techsauce team.  This includes contributors who are veterans in various industries.  This is to give readers insight on what is happening and what is behind the various trends.    

The biggest trends for the second half of 2018 summarized in the report are as follows: 

  • There was more fundraising for startups in Thailand in 2018 than in the year before.  The industry that attracted the most funding was FoodTech.  As for CVC, 2018 was a year that saw high investment in startups overseas.  
  • The announcement Eko closing a $20 million Series B funding was the biggest startup deal in Thailand at the end of the year. 
  • It was a year where there were interesting moves made by Kasikorn Bank with its joint venture with Line and its investment in startups such as Grab and Instalem through Beacon VC. 
  • Accelerators and hackathons received a lot of interest in 2018.  In the past year the many accelerators worked with the Thai Government.  This included depa Accelerator x Techsauce.  Hackathons in FoodTech has been coming strong.  A great example is Minor Tasting the Futures Hackathon. 

All of these statistics and analysis can be found in the Thailand Tech Startup Ecosystem Report 2018.



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