With the outbreak of COVID-19 Coronavirus getting worse over time, many companies decide to let their people work from home. Others also choose to be freelancers because of this uncertain situation to give them the freedom to work at home. Therefore, here are 10 freelance opportunities that you can take if you decide to become one.

1. Writing

Journalism, copywriting, blogging, and the use of social media are part of writing jobs. As long as you have your own laptop and internet connection, you can enjoy your writing from home.

2. Marketing/PR

Although in some cases your clients have expectations to meet regularly with you, in overall, as long as you have a phone, reliable internet access that lets you have video calls with your clients, you can do your jobs as marketer and PR from home. This also includes Social Media Coordinator and some manager related jobs.

3. Editing and Proofreading

Are you a grammar master and have detailed eyes to make corrections for others’ writing? Then, this job is perfect for you. In addition, you can work through home if you take this as your profession. 

4. Data Entry

If you can type fast to make an entry into some documents, this job will be perfect for you. Moreover, many companies let their data entry people to work from home. This job can be a choice for you who want to be a freelancer.

5. Call Center/Customer Service

Being a call center and customer service let you be in contact with your clients through phone calls. As long as your companies give you training about this profession beforehand and you have a great phone connection, you can work from your home.

6. Programmer/UX and UI Designer

Being a programmer focuses on coding and brings attention to your laptop’s screen. The same case also happens if your job is to be a UX/UI Designer. Therefore, considering you have a sustainable laptop or computer, internet connection, and other equipment supporting your coding works, you will be perfectly fine to start doing your project from home.

7. Illustrator/Graphic Designer

Are you a genuine illustrator working for books, magazines, cards, advertisements, and posters? Or do you focus yourself on web graphics as a graphic designer? Many illustrators and graphic designers are freelancers. They discuss the background and printed materials, and how the projects should look like with their clients before they work from home. Therefore, these two jobs are really popular for people who want to be a freelancer. 

8. Photographer

Do you own your studio at home? Then, being a photographer is perfect for you! Work as a freelancer from home by doing photography in your own studio. You can also edit your photos at home before sending it to your clients. 

9. Voice Actor

Commercials, televisions, movies, and video games need voiceover acting to bring an excitement when those are shown to the public. However, not many know that voice actors themselves are freelancers that work from home. If you have any interest in this area, you should take a look at projects published on websites. Start your jobs as a freelance voice actor!

10. Online Tutoring

With the rise of technology, many people start teaching from home. Especially, with Covid-19 spreading through the world, universities and schools around try to minimise the infection by letting online tutoring for their classes. If you have an expertise in some field, and you feel the urge to let the world know about it, register yourself as an online tutor. 

These 10 freelancer jobs will bring you to a new way of working through home. Furthermore, the possibility of you feeling interested in taking this job will lead you to another stage of your self-improvement. If you are serious about being a freelancer, check websites or applications that publish freelancers projects. Taking these projects will let you generate your credibility as one. Thus, through those websites and applications, you can gain trust of people, let people know you, and have your own regular clients.


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