Sansiri joins force with Microsoft and AIS to launch Thailand’s first innovation created using mixed reality (MR) to merge real and virtual worlds | Techsauce

Sansiri joins force with Microsoft and AIS to launch Thailand’s first innovation created using mixed reality (MR) to merge real and virtual worlds

The first cross-industry collaboration between Sansiri, Microsoft and Advanced Info Service (AIS) resulted in a cutting-edge innovation created on advanced Mixed Reality (MR) technology to be used in real estate industry for the first time in Thailand and the world. 

The first-of-its-kind MR Sales Gallery, seamlessly merging real and virtual worlds, showcases properties with interactive and immersive environment and allows real estate buyers to customize show unit with design and modification functions. The innovation creates even more compelling experience for customers in buying real estate and uplift technology development in Thai real estate sector, while enhancing AIS and Microsoft in deepening their technology knowledge and developing more and more innovations for the digital age.

Dr. Tawicha Trakulyingyong, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Sansiri Public Company Limited, said that “We are riding on the vision of Siri LifeTech in pursuing our technology leadership. Today, we revolutionize the industry again by partnering with industry leaders Microsoft and AIS, with shared vision and aspiration in delivering exceptional customer experience, to launch the innovation created on mixed reality (MR) technology to be used in real estate industry for the first time in Thailand and the world.   Our first-of-its-kind MR Sales Gallery virtually simulates property and allow customers to experience it with interactive environment as well as design and modify the show unit as they wish. With MR digital platform, buying real estate is never more compelling experience. Moreover, the innovation serves as baseline for our partners AIS and Microsoft to deepen their technology knowledge and strengthen their business.”

MR combines the best of both immersive virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), creating enhanced level of interactions and simulations in the combined real and virtual worlds at the same time. To experience digital show unit, customer simply wears specially designed holographic computing device to view hologram and see how it feels to walk around the finished property. Customer can interact with the virtual view using their hands, without the need of control device, as well as visualize the design and functions of the house to meet their needs, by moving and resizing furniture and decoration items, changing paint color and material choices, and even choosing the view from the window and the ambiance at any time of the day. With current customization trend at the forefront of businesses, MR solution reinforces Sansiri’s customer-centric approach by allowing property buyers simulate the final product tailored to their preference, giving them more personalized experience. Customers can also save the rendered experience as a photograph or a video as a digital brochure for further viewing before making buying decision.

“MR solution will become a key innovation that drives real estate sales and marketing strategy, brings more compelling buying experience to consumers and creates a competitive advantage to real estate developer.  Selling property in international markets is even easier, as prospective customers can have immersive experience on our projects from anywhere in the world, ridding of the overhead of traveling, with MR solution to help them make faster and more precise buying decision,” added Dr. Tawicha.

Mr. Dhanawat Suthumpun, General Manager, Microsoft Thailand, said that “At Microsoft we are on a mission to empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more. Mixed reality combines digital and real worlds and has the potential to help people realize their imagination, connect people’s ideas and open up opportunity to do things that have never been possible. Mixed reality creates new customer experience and new ways of doing business that leverage the unique strengths of the technology.”

Mr. Pratthana Leelapanang, Chief Consumer Business Officer, Advanced Info Service PLC (AIS), said that “Our vision is leveraging network infrastructure and digital technology capability in building national digital platform to support business partners across sectors and industries with aim to create modern digital innovation, enhance the competitiveness of business sectors, drive Thailand toward a digital economy, as well as bring a better quality of life to Thai people.

Today marks a major partnership that brings together industrial expertise from three leaders to deliver new living experience to consumers. AIS developed a new advanced digital platform customized for mixed reality by the team of digital technology experts who have insightful understanding in the need of modern consumers when it comes to real estate buying experience. MR Sales Gallery revolutionizes the way property buyers visit show unit by giving even more real experience than ever in viewing and selecting the property that matches their lifestyle. We believe MR digital platform is relevant to real estate business in creating differentiation and strength. This marks our step ahead as the provider of digital platform for all businesses, thanks to our readiness and capability in digital infrastructure, team of experts, as well as global technology partner like Microsoft. Microsoft’s Azure Cloud platform allows AIS to design and customize digital solutions and services that meet specific requirements of each business and create new business models in the market.”

“The first phase of our MR Sales Gallery is expected to be ready for use in Sansiri condominium projects in July 2018, with new features and capabilities to be integrated successively to bring more compelling mixed reality experience to our customers.  This collaboration marks the beginning of bringing a revolutionizing cross-industry innovation into action and long-term partnership will continue with aim to develop new solutions and explore the possibility of creating innovation that help complete living experience of people,” added Dr. Tawicha.


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